Tokyo Swallows Off-Season Updates: March 23rd, 2012

Swallows Present As mentioned in our most recent podcast, Balentien could start the year on the top team. Because he’s starting to show some life at the plate, mixed with Roman’s continued stability on the mound, and abetted by Lim’s tender throwing arm, Tokyo’s well-paid closer could start the year on the farm instead. Yet […]

First Anniversary of Shigeru Takada’s Resignation!

May 26th, 2010. The day the misery ended. In honor of Tsubamegun’s first and (as yet) only official holiday, we’re giving away a limited edition gift to whomsoever best answers one of the following questiony: 1) In your opinion, what was the best Tokyo Swallows off-field moment? 2) Which NPB team has done a good job […]

Online Yakyu Writer Insights: 2011 Tokyo Swallows

This is part two of a three-part interview series with some of the regulars from the NPB mainstream and independent media. Click here for part one: OYWI: NPB Moving Forward? After a detailed trip through some of the prevailing wisdom on NPB in general, which we’ll return to in the next edition of this interview […]

Why Didn’t Tokyo Make Playoffs? Sacrifice Bunting under Ogawa

Ah, the beloved Tak-bunt. Tokyo’s current manager didn’t fib when he said that he wasn’t going to make many changes to the way that the team was coached after taking over for Takada at the end of May. The Tak-bunting continued, but thankfully not at the same rate that it had been previously employed. For the […]

Kozo’s Monthly Roundup: May

Monthly Roundup is a new series in which I hope to look back on a month of Swallows baseball and make various observations and comments. How We Got There: The Swallows came into the month of May on a 5 game losing streak, with an overall record of 11-17-1. Things weren’t looking good, but we […]

Who is Junji Ogawa?

You may be asking yourself, who is this man managing the Swallows right now? A quick Google search of his name in English reveals nothing but articles on Takada’s stepping aside. A Japanese Google search doesn’t reveal too much more than rehashes of his Wikipedia entry, but for those of you who don’t read Japanese, […]

Breaking News: Takada Finally Steps Aside!!!

After a bit of a false alarm this morning, Tokyo Swallows’ manager Shiegru Takada has finally stepped aside. The Mainichi is reporting that after tonight’s game against Tohoku, Takada announced to the press that he would be taking a leave of absence. Takada is quoted as saying that he wanted to take responsibility for the […]

Breaking News: Takada Resignation Rumors Abound!

Several Japanese news sources are reporting that current Swallows manager Shigeru Takada has decided to resign. It is being reported that he made his decision yesterday, and that he will be informing team management today. Takada apparently offered his resignation to management on the 20th, but it was not accepted at the time. No formal […]

Coskrey calls for Takada’s ouster

The Japan Times‘s Jason Coskrey sounds off in the mainstream press on the futility of allowing Tokyo’s manager, Shigeru Takada, to keep his job until the end of the season. Valid points abound in the article, all of which are in lockstep with what has been uttered on this website and elsewhere. Here’s one choice […]

Artistic Swallows (and the new Shiroishi)

Now, if you’re reading this expecting some kind of new high-brow niche in adult entertainment from Japan, please accept my apologies and look elsewhere. This here be about baseball. Just as it did last year, the new Swallows Official Goods Catalogue popped through my letterbox this last week, goading me to waste yet more money […]