Thank Yu, and Good luck Mr. Darvish!

As most of the baseball world has been made aware, the Texas Rangers won the exclusive rights to speak with Mr. Darvish in December 2011. Until this week, there really had not been much discussion about the discussions. Granted in the US, the sportsworld is fully engulfed by the NFL and college football. Now that all the […]

Milwaukee Brewers sign Norichika Aoki

The Milwaukee Brewers announced that the team signed Norichika Aoki, Tokyo’s star 30-year-old outfielder, to a multi-year deal. Congratulations to both Aoki and the Brewer community! We here at Tsubamegun hope that it truly is a match made in Milwaukee heaven. Details are sketchy at this point, but it seems like the two sides were […]

Aoki could play another season in Tokyo

Yakult, Tokyo’s parent company, surprised many when it decided to post Norichika Aoki after the 2011 season. Why? Aoki won’t have the service time to earn international free agency until partway through the 2013 season, so most Tokyo fans were expecting another year at Jingu Stadium for the team’s perennial Golden Glove, Best Nine and […]

Norichika Aoki updates — December 23rd, 2011

Just a few nuggets of info on Aoki for all of his fans, old and new, on both sides of the Pacific: For folks in Milwaukee, and any other people around the world who want to know how to pronounce his name in laymen’s IPA, it’s ‘Noh-Ree-Chee-Kah Ah-Oh-Kee‘. And none of the syllables in his […]

Tokyo confirms $2.5 million Aoki bid

Norichika Aoki (29), Tokyo’s decorated center fielder, will now have 30 days to negotiate with the team that recently bid the highest through the posting system. The winning bid, which was immediately accepted by Tokyo, was $2.5 million. The name of the winning team, which has exclusive negotiating rights, has not been divulged. The bidding […]

Swallows post Aoki

Aoki was posted by the Tokyo Swallows today. MLB teams will be able to submit bids as soon as it is officially announced that Aoki is available through the posting system. A four-day window will then follow in which teams can submit their bids. If no bids are submitted during that time, then Aoki will […]