Tokyo Swallows Off-Season Updates: February 22, 2012

Tsubamegun got one hell of a shout out from fellow Japanese baseball watcher, NPB Tracker. Thanks, Patrick! Tokyo batting coach, Takao Ise, has been selected as one of the six coaches representing the nation as part of this year’s Samurai Japan team. One coach was selected from each of the top three teams in the Central […]

Top Five Tokyo Swallows Posts of 2011

Hello 2012, and Happy New Year to everyone out there in Tsubamegun land! We’d like to welcome you to the new year, and a spring training camp in Okinawa that’s only a month away, by looking back briefly on the most popular posts of last season. They’re listed here according to page views, and it’s […]

Online Yakyu Writer Insights: 2011 Tokyo Swallows

This is part two of a three-part interview series with some of the regulars from the NPB mainstream and independent media. Click here for part one: OYWI: NPB Moving Forward? After a detailed trip through some of the prevailing wisdom on NPB in general, which we’ll return to in the next edition of this interview […]

Online Yakyu Writer Insights: NPB Moving Forward?

Tokyo Swallows fans witnessed it all in 2010: the resumption of the 2009 slump which ended up consuming the first two months of 2010; a change in manager; the addition of a cleanup bat; veteran pitchers refinding their form; an authoritative return to winning; and a bit of flirtation with the third and final playoff spot. With any luck, 2011 […]