Tokyo Swallows Podcast 12 (February, 2013)

Welcome to the start of the 2013 Tokyo Swallows season! Spring Camp is already well under way, and Dave and Christopher invite a special guest onto the show to talk about the following Swallows-related news (in no particular order): Hatakeyama’s facial hair Iwamura’s return to the nest New uniforms! Last year’s battle with Chunichi in […]

Aoki hits walk-off HR

First of all, apologies to Garrett for this post. His second favorite team, the Chicago Cubs, fell victim to a walk-off HR from the one and only Aoki. It was Norichika’s second homer of the game. As a White Sox fan, I am especially happy to see him doing well at the expense of the […]

Tokyo Swallows Snapshot: April 23rd, 2012

Something to read while remembering to keep your hands in your pockets. Swallows of the Week Week 3 Last week’s vote saw the strong performances by Hiroyasu Tanaka (2B), Lastings Milledge (LF), Katsuki Akagawa (P), and Kyohei Muranaka (P). 28 people cast their vote this week, and here’s what they decided: Congratulations to Beavis, a […]

Tokyo Swallows Snapshot: April 16, 2012

Something for you to read while fielding offers for a more appropriate gig. Swallows of the Week Week 2 Ishikawa was the week one MVP, but he tanked after that. Hopefully the same fate does not await the winner of the week two polling. 31 people voted this time around, and they had five choices: Shingo […]

Quickies: April 3, 2012

Tokyo News Today’s home opener versus the Hanshin Tigers was obliterated by very unfriendly weather, so the clocks of the Tokyo faithful have been reset to 6PM Wednesday evening. We’ll see you there. Miyamoto took a pitch in the upper calf (just below the back of the knee) during Sunday’s game, and he’s apparently still […]

Tokyo Swallows Off-Season Updates: March 23rd, 2012

Swallows Present As mentioned in our most recent podcast, Balentien could start the year on the top team. Because he’s starting to show some life at the plate, mixed with Roman’s continued stability on the mound, and abetted by Lim’s tender throwing arm, Tokyo’s well-paid closer could start the year on the farm instead. Yet […]

Tokyo Swallows Off-Season Updates: March 6, 2012

Team News No idea whether this is for real or not, but Ogawa has said that he likes having Yuhei around because he can be used in the outfield or as a pitcher (LHP). Yuhei was a top pitching prospect that never panned out for the Swallows. He started working on converting to the outfield […]

Tokyo Swallows off-season updates: February 27, 2012

Tokyo Swallows Wladimir Balentien is having some right elbow issues and hasn’t been able to practice at 100%. It seems like Ogawa is starting to get a little impatient (link in Japanese). Balentien didn’t play in Tokyo’s pre-season game against Hanshin on Saturday. Tokyo beat Hokkaido 3-0 in a practice game on Thursday February 23rd. […]

Around the Central League: February 24, 2012

Chunichi Dragons Kenshin Kawakami, Chunichi’s u-turn starter, apparently married an American citizen while working in the US. Victor Diaz signed a one-year deal. Yomiuri Giants The Giants put a clown suit on KBO’s Hanwha Eagles beating them 14-0 on Thursday. Hanshin Tigers Matt Murton joined spring camp on February 8th. His delayed return to Japan […]

Tokyo Swallows Off-Season Updates: February 22, 2012

Tsubamegun got one hell of a shout out from fellow Japanese baseball watcher, NPB Tracker. Thanks, Patrick! Tokyo batting coach, Takao Ise, has been selected as one of the six coaches representing the nation as part of this year’s Samurai Japan team. One coach was selected from each of the top three teams in the Central […]