2012 Fan Appreciation Day Preview

Tomorrow is Labour Thanksgiving Day in Japan, and with many people getting the day off the Swallows will be holding their annual Fan Appreciation Day at Jingu. The annual event gives the team a chance to shill its sponsors, look back on the previous season, and give players a chance to be a bit goofy. […]

Joining the Swallows’ Fan Club

As regular inhabitants of the Jingu bleachers, we here at Tsubamegun only carry one card, the Swallows Fan Club card. If you pay to spend more than 4 games in the Jingu outfield in a season, joining the Swallows Fan Club is a no brainer. The money saved on tickets alone is worth the 5000 […]

Johnny Knoxville in a Swallows Fan Uniform

*Interested in buying a button-down version of this Swallows shirt? Get it in the SHOP.  Not really news or anything, but it’s interesting to see who else around the world ‘gets’ the double meaning within the team name. This time around, it’s Johnny Knoxville showing some love both to the team and his baby boy, Rocco. With […]

Anti-Giants T-shirts Available

Yomiuri is running away with the Central League yet again, and it looks like there is little respite in sight especially given the depth of the team’s roster and the parent company’s pockets. There’s little you can do to insert some kind of fairness or parity into the system, but Tsubamegun believes we can all […]