9/14/10 – Yomiuri (Home)

September 14th, 2010 Yomiuri Giants 3 Tokyo Yakult Swallows 2 Streak: Lost 2   Last 9: LWWLL (Jingu Stadium) After an unlikely series win in Koshien at the weekend, it was back home to Jingu to host our beloved neighbours and their army of braindead minions. With Nakazawa still out of sorts, it was all […]

6/4/10 – Saitama (Home)

June 4th, 2010 Saitama Seibu Lions 6 Tokyo Yakult Swallows 12 Streak: Won 1   Last 5: WLWLW (Meiji Jingu Stadium) After splitting their last two series, Tokyo continued with their improvement under Ogawa as they notched up an extremely impressive victory over the formidable Seibu Lions. The victory was all the more impressive considering […]

10/2/09 – Hiroshima (Home)

October 2nd, 2009 Hiroshima Toyo Carp 5 Tokyo Yakult Swallows 2 Streak: Lost 3       Last : WWLLL (Jingu Stadium) With Hanshin having a day off today, Tokyo had a chance to move level with the Tigers in 3rd place with a win this evening. As it turned out, it was a win […]

9/10/09 – Hiroshima (Home)

September 10th, 2009 Hiroshima Toyo Carp 3 Tokyo Yakult Swallows 2 Streak: Lost 5     Last : LLLLL (Jingu Stadium) You couldn’t make this shit up if you tried. The Swallows took a 2-0 lead into the 9th inning off the back of an excellent start from Hiromitsu Takagi. But wouldn’t you just know […]

9/6/09 – Yomiuri (Away)

September 6th, 2009 Tokyo Yakult Swallows 2 Yomiuri Giants 4 Streak: Lost 2   Last 5: LWDLL (Tokyo Dome) Well if Friday was a travesty of justice, and yesterday a feeble blowout, then today was simple wastefulness. Tokyo outhit the Giants 8 to 6 and had a few good chances to score more runs but […]

9/5/09 – Yomiuri (Away)

September 5th, 2009 Tokyo Yakult Swallows 0 Yomiuri Giants 7 Streak: Lost 1   Last 5: LLWDL (Tokyo Dome) Oshimoto made his first start in four years as he attempted to help out the ailing Yakult rotation, and he did very well indeed, though his hard work was undone by the patched-up bullpen. He also […]

7/08/09 – Chunichi (Home)

July 8th, 2009 Chunichi Dragons 6 Tokyo Yakult Swallows 11 Streak: Won 1    Last 5: LWLLW (Jingu Stadium) While the starting pitching again left something to be desired, the Tokyo bats awoke from their slumber as they knocked in eleven runs off fifteen hits in overturning the Dragons at Jingu. Yuki Tanaka (4.68) started for […]

7/01/09 – Yokohama (Away)

July 1st, 2009 Tokyo Yakult Swallows 5 Yokohama BayStars 9 Streak: Lost 3  Last 5: LWLLL (Kofu) This is becoming somewhat of a bad joke. Yakult twice held a lead, but both today’s starter and bullpen were found rather lacking as they let the BayStars get back in the game way too easily, to allow […]

6/30/09 – Yokohama (Away)

June 30th, 2009 Tokyo Yakult Swallows 2 Yokohama BayStars 3 Streak: Lost 2  Last 5: WLWLL (Matsumoto Stadium) Ah you’ve gotta love Tokyo. Can’t beat the best, can’t beat the worst. A day after losing the series against the Giants, Tokyo travelled to Matsumoto for a road game against the frankly terrible BayStars to try […]

5/24/09 – Fukuoka SoftBank (Home)

May 24th, 2009 Fukuoka SoftBank Hawks 8 Tokyo Yakult Swallows 5 Streak: Lost 2     Last 5: WLWLL (Jingu Stadium) Tokyo made a late attempt at a comeback after going behind 7-0 but it was a case of too little too late as they were brushed aside by the Interleague pace-setting Fukuoka SoftBank Hawks. […]