Joining the Swallows’ Fan Club

As regular inhabitants of the Jingu bleachers, we here at Tsubamegun only carry one card, the Swallows Fan Club card. If you pay to spend more than 4 games in the Jingu outfield in a season, joining the Swallows Fan Club is a no brainer. The money saved on tickets alone is worth the 5000 […]

"Yes We Steal" t-shirt

This is one of the many new t-shirts on sale at Jingu Stadium by the good people at GRAND SLAM Sports Enterprises. It’s their new “Yes We Steal” shirt in commemoration of the team’s affinity for swiping extra bases. As of yesterday’s game, Tokyo had 116 steals! That easily bests Seibu’s 93, and second place […]

T-shirts at Jingu Stadium

Update: October 9th, 2011 – More than three years later, these guys are still going strong! They’re still located in the same place near the fan club ticket window, and they have increased the variety of products that they have available. Their selection is often superior to what is available once you have entered the […]