2012 Fan Appreciation Day Preview

Tomorrow is Labour Thanksgiving Day in Japan, and with many people getting the day off the Swallows will be holding their annual Fan Appreciation Day at Jingu. The annual event gives the team a chance to shill its sponsors, look back on the previous season, and give players a chance to be a bit goofy. […]

2011 Fan Appreciation Day – Dec 4th

A commemorative Aoki exhibition has been added to the festivities for this year’s Fan Appreciation Day. Housed in the 3rd base camera well, the artifacts on display will include assorted awards such as a Best Nine trophy and memorabilia from the 2009 WBC. The Aoki exhibit is in addition to all of the other stuff […]

Fan Appreciation Day Tomorrow

The Swallows plan to hold their annual Fan Appreciation Day at Jingu Stadium tomorrow. The team, and its various sponsors, have various events planned for the day. If you have the day off tomorrow for Labour Day, Fan Appreciation Day might be worth your time. The day will start at 9:00 when the Jingu field […]