Tokyo Swallows Podcast 18 (February, 2014)

New season, new hope? After an oddly enjoyable 2013 season in which Ogawa was crowned Rookie of the Year and Balentien demolished the Japan single season home run record, your hosts bring you up to speed on the ups and downs of the off-season. Content overview: Our feelings about Jingu Stadium…it’s complicated. Do you even […]

Tokyo Swallows Podcast 17 (October, 2013)

Your Tokyo Swallows put together their best month or so of yakyu…but they still finished in last place. In this podcast, the last of the dismal 2013 campaign, David, Kozo, and Christopher attempt to make sense of it all. Included in the volley: Is Jingu Stadium going to get torn down? Who is blameless? How […]

Tokyo Swallows Podcast 16 (August, 2013)

This month’s podcast has a fair bit of sunshine in it, especially when compared with the dire nature of last month’s. Topics include: All-Star weekend Tokyo’s two massive rays of light Lastings Milledge likely out for rest of regular season A very young lineup and bullpen Crappy pitching mounds in Japan Noise pollution at Jingu […]

Tokyo Swallows Podcast 15 (June/July, 2013)

Dave, Kozo, and Christopher commiserate. Key quote: “I don’t need hope. Stop with the hope.” Other hot topics: How much did May/June suck? The starting rotation Tokyo’s promising infield options Ogawa leads the league Balentien can hit the ball hard How smoking apparently doesn’t affect performance The new, fraudulent baseball Bold predictions As always, we […]

Tokyo Swallows Podcast 14 (May, 2013)

The season is nearly two months old, and Dave and Christopher have finally sat down to discuss the ups and downs (but mostly the latter) of the 2013 campaign as it has unfolded thus far. Here’s some of what to expect: A new TSP sponsor to help compensate for the sorry start to the season. […]

Tokyo Swallows Podcast 12 (February, 2013)

Welcome to the start of the 2013 Tokyo Swallows season! Spring Camp is already well under way, and Dave and Christopher invite a special guest onto the show to talk about the following Swallows-related news (in no particular order): Hatakeyama’s facial hair Iwamura’s return to the nest New uniforms! Last year’s battle with Chunichi in […]

Tokyo Swallows Podcast 11 (September, 2012)

As predicted at the beginning of the season, your Tokyo Swallows have made it to the postseason, and Dave and Christopher talk a bit about what lies ahead in this most recent edition of the TS Podcast (recorded prior to yesterday’s loss). So instead of looking forward to the next game report (tonight’s game was […]

Tokyo Swallows Podcast 10 (August, 2012)

Welcome back to the TS Podcast! Thanks for waiting through all of July for us to get back to you. It’s shaping up to be a long summer as a series of untimely injures have teamed with some poopy starting pitching to largely torpedo Tokyo’s chances of keeping Yomiuri honest at the top. In this […]

Tokyo Swallows Podcast 08 (May, 2012)

The interleague segment of the season has begun, and David and Christopher got back in front of the mics to talk about the first month-and-a-bit of the Swallows 2012 campaign. Key Points: How correct were our predictions from TS Podcast number seven? What grade would you give Tokyo’s performance thus far? General baseball-related stupidity Hand […]

Tokyo Swallows Off-Season Updates: March 23rd, 2012

Swallows Present As mentioned in our most recent podcast, Balentien could start the year on the top team. Because he’s starting to show some life at the plate, mixed with Roman’s continued stability on the mound, and abetted by Lim’s tender throwing arm, Tokyo’s well-paid closer could start the year on the farm instead. Yet […]