2015 Swallows’ Draft Recap

We usually post this recap shortly after the draft but this year the calendar year has already changed and all our draftees are already in spring camp giving me a bit more insight into how the team views its latest picks. But the 2015 draft was memorable not just for the players the team took […]

2014 Swallows’ Draft Recap

Representatives of the twelve NPB teams got together on October 23rd to draft the next generation of pro baseball players. The Swallows came into the night with their name being mentioned in conjunction with RHP Tomohiro Anraku of Saibi High School in Ehime, and RHP Kohei Arihara of Waseda University. Anraku was the star of […]

2013 Swallows’ Draft Recap

On October 24th, the NPB conducted it’s annual draft. As we wrote in our draft preview, the Swallows had gone into the draft with public interest in Yuki Matsui and Daichi Osera. After all the initial picks had been announced, the Swallows found themselves in competition with the Hiroshima Carp and Hanshin Tigers for the […]

2013 NPB Draft Preview

On Thursday evening officials from the 12 NPB teams will gather to pick the next generation of pro baseball players. The Swallows will be looking to replicate the success of last year’s draft in which they picked many immediate contributors. The rules of the draft have not changed since our comprehensive summary on the topic […]

2012 Swallows’ Draft Recap

Last month, on the 25th, suits from all the major teams gathered in a hotel ballroom to draw/pick the negotiation rights to the next generation of NPB players. The Swallows came into the night vowing to pick RHP Shintaro Fujinami from Osaka Toin High School. We here at Tsubamegun are so focused on pro ball […]

2011 Swallows’ Draft Recap

The Swallows drafted 8 players in the draft tonight. Those of you who read my draft preview last night will find none of the names I discussed in our list of picks. The night started off with the Swallows vying for Shuhei Takahashi along with the Dragons (as expected) and the Buffaloes. After each team’s […]

2011 NPB Draft Preview: Players to Watch

The 2011 NPB Draft will happen tomorrow evening at the Grand Prince Hotel starting from 17:00. For those of you who are new to the Japanese draft format and are not familiar with how it works, check out the post I wrote last year about the process. I’ll be presenting a few players that may […]

2010 Draft Recap

The 2010 NPB draft took place on October 28th, as planned. Unfortunately not a lot else went as planned for the Swallows. As expected the Swallows threw their hat into the Yuki Saito sweepstakes. They were joined by the Nippon Ham Fighters, the Chiba Lotte Marines, and the Fukuoka SoftBank Hawks. Our manager Ogawa, armed […]

2010 NPB Draft Preview: Players to Watch

Part 2 of our 2010 Draft series will examine some of the prospects that may be of interest to Swallows’ fans. Before I begin describing some of the players of interest in this year’s draft, I should note that I have not seen any of these players myself. I do not follow high school, university, […]

2010 NPB Draft Preview: How Does the NPB Draft Work?

With the 2010 NPB Draft fast approaching, Tsubamegun will be presenting a number of articles filling you in on how the draft works and which players the Swallows may be eying. Part 1 of this series will explain the mechanics of the NPB draft. The 2010 NPB draft will be held on October 28 at […]