Tokyo Swallows Podcast 41 (September, 2017)

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Dave, Chris, and Kozo come off of their summer vacations to discuss the state of the Swallows. Topics covered include:

  • Dave confuses the boys about the lineage of number 41
  • CL standing overview
  • How bad is this season historically?
  • Manaka and the manager situation
  • Kawabata injury update
  • Coco and his future with the team
  • Memorable games in 2017
  • The Sugiura-Yagi trade
  • The state of the rotation
  • The Yamada update
  • Jingu attendance situation
  • Retirement speculation

Recorded prior to the game on Sunday September 3, 2017.

At the end of the podcast we pay tribute to friend of Tsubamegun, Toshiyuki “Take-chan” Takeo who passed away suddenly at the too young age of 37. Take-chan was Dave’s bandmate for over 10 years and while he wasn’t the biggest baseball fan his kind heart touched all of us and we wanted to do something to honor his memory. Take-chan was an accomplished guitar player and we ended the podcast with a track that featured Take-chan’s guitar work, Rapture.

You can download a higher quality version of the track here.

We’ll miss you Take-chan! The world is a colder place without you in it but you’ll live on in our memories and through your music.

Toshiyuki Takeo (1979-2017)

About Kozo Ota

Kozo Ota is a third-generation Swallows fan that grew up on Montreal Expos baseball. (You can read more about that here.) When he's not at Jingu, he works as a freelance translator/interpreter to make enough money to go to Jingu. You can find random posts by Kozo on Google+ and Twitter.