August 26th, 2017 vs Yokohama

August 26th, 2017

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Tokyo Swallows 5

Streak: Won 1 Last 5: WLLLW

(Meiji Jingu Stadium)

Your Birds halted a three game slide by holding off a late Yokohama comeback.

W: Ogawa (7-6); L: Onaka (1-1); S: Lueke (4)

Ogawa made it most of the way through the eighth and moved himself within striking distance of a 10 win season.

 BayStars Swallows
1Masayuki Kuwahara (CF)1Tomotaka Sakaguchi (RF)
2Tatsuhiro Shibata (2B) 2Kotaro Yamasaki (CF)
3Yoshitomo Tsutsugo (LF)3Wladimir Balentien (LF)
4José Lopez (1B)4Tetsuto Yamada (2B)
5Toshiro Miyazaki (3B)5Carlos Rivero (3B)
6Yasutaka Tobashira (C)6Araki (1B)
7Takayuki Kajitani (RF)7Yuhei Nakamura (C)
8Kenta Ishida (P)8Nishiura (SS)
9Toshihiko Kuramoto (SS)9Yasuhiro Ogawa (P)

Tokyo posed problems for Yokohama’s Ishida right from the off. Sakaguchi singled, and one out later Balentien did the same. The former scored on Rivero’s base knock to right.

1-0 Tokyo

But Kajitani tied it up with two outs in the top of the second. Homer to left.


The Swallows started the third strongly with consecutive base hits from Sakaguchi and Yamasaki, but then Balentien, Yamada, and Rivero all went down swinging to strand the runners.

With the bottom half of the order in a slumber to start the game, it wasn’t until the top of the fifth that the offense again threatened.

With one out on the board, Sakaguchi singled for the third time in as many plate appearances, and Yamasaki sent his first homer over the wall in right.

3-1 Tokyo

Unfortunately, after posting three consecutive perfect innings, Ogawa had a little bit of a hiccup in the top of the sixth, and Yokohama equalized once again.

Kuwahara doubled with one out. Then, Shibata’s double and Lopez’s single added a run apiece.


To the surprise of many, your Birds countered with another two-run inning in the bottom of the sixth.

Rivero blasted his sixth homer of the season to get things started, and the bottom half of the lineup finally awoke with a pair of singles from Fujii and Nakamura mixed with aggressive base running.

Nakamura’s single was actually a hit and run which allowed Fujii to reach third on the play.

The 2-1 pitch was met by a Nishiura suicide bunt afforded Fujii just enough time to scream home from third, sliding head first.

5-3 Tokyo

Lueke relieved Ogawa one out early in the top of the seventh with a runner on first, and he continued his save attempt into the ninth. He allowed a solo home run from Kosaka (his first), but he sealed the deal by getting Kuramoto to line out to second.


Ogawa threw 120 pitches over 7.2 innings while allowing six hits (one homer) and one walk. He was tagged with three earned runs, but his ERA now stands at a very respectable 2.89. He also struck out six batters while earning the W.

Game three of this series is set for tomorrow at 6 PM with Yamanaka taking the mound for the Swallows. His opposite number, Hamaguchi, is 7-5 so far this season.

**Game Notes:

  • Sakaguchi was 3-4 with three outfield singles and two runs scored.
  • Yamasaki was 2-4 with his first home run of the season (2 RBI).
  • Rivero was also 2-4 with a homer and 2 RBI.
  • The Swallows drew only one walk this evening (Yamada in the seventh inning).
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