July 8th, 2017 vs. Hiroshima

July 8th, 2017

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Tokyo Swallows 2

Streak: Lost 7 Last 7: LLLLLLL

(Meiji Jingu Stadium)

After last night’s disgrace of a ball game, Swallows fans were treated to another evening of 6th-place baseball.

W: Yabuta (8-1); L: Ishikawa (4-10);

Feels more like 10th-place baseball really.

 Carp Swallows
1Kosuke Tanaka (SS)1Tsuyoshi Ueda (RF)
2Ryosuke Kikuchi (2B)2Ryota Fujii (3B)
3Yoshihiro Maru (CF)3Tetsuto Yamada (2B)
4Seiya Suzuki (RF)4Wladimir Balentien (LF)
5Ryuhei Matsuyama (LF)5Ohmatsu (1B)
6Brad Eldred (1B)6Tomotaka Sakaguchi (CF)
7Tomohiro Abe (3B)7Nishida (C)
8Tsubasa Aizawa (C)8Naomichi Nishiura (SS)
9Kazuki Yabuta (P)9Masanori Ishikawa (P)

The Central League leading carp wasted no time in knocking Ishikawa back on his heels. Tanaka doubled to open the game, and a sac bunt later he was able to tag up on Maru’s sac fly to center.

0-1 Hiroshima

But Tokyo returned the favor in the bottom of the frame with Ueda’s leadoff triple followed by a Fujii sac fly to left.


But that was pretty much the end of the contest because Yabuta got into a groove, and Tokyo’s crappy offense didn’t do much to challenge him.

Ishikawa, on the other hand, continued to look vulnerable. He gave up another run in the top of the second by way of a Matsuyama single, Eldred walk, and Aizawa RBI single with one out.

1-2 Hiroshima

In the top of the third, Ishikawa allowed solo home runs to both Kikuchi and Suzuki. It was their 7th and 17th homers, respectively, with probably 90% of those coming against the Tokyo Swallows.

1-4 Hiroshima

Ishikawa had his first runnerless, scoreless inning in the fourth, and he was gone after four and one third innings.

Yamamoto got the final two outs in the fifth, and then Matsuoka made his 7th appearance of the year in the sixth inning. It wasn’t pretty.

After striking out Eldred, Matsuoka gave up a single to Abe. He paid for it when Aizawa took him deep. But Matsuoka immediately put another runner on via walk, and then Kikuchi pounded his second round-tripper of the evening.

1-8 Hiroshima

Tokyo finally got on the board again in the bottom of the seventh. Balentien drew his first (of two) walks, and two outs later Nishida drew his second (of three). Araki, pinch-hitting for Nishiura (0-1, 2K), singled to short and scored one in the process.


Ishikawa took the loss, already his 10th of the season. He struck out four and walked one, but he also allowed seven hits over his four and one third innings. His ERA is now at 5.17, and the team sorely needs him to find a groove soon.

Nishida was 1-1 with three walks, and Ueda was 2-5 in the leadoff slot. Other than that, there wasn’t much to talk about on offense.

Your birds will attempt to evade another sweep tomorrow evening when Yoshinori takes the mound.

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