July 9th, 2017 vs. Hiroshima

July 9th, 2017

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Tokyo Swallows 3

Streak: Tied 1 Last 5: LLLLD

(Meiji Jingu Stadium)

The Swallows fought the Carp to a 12-inning draw, snapping a seven-game losing streak… sort of?

Starters: Ohsera, Yoshinori

In some ways, this game played out like a less extreme version of Friday’s, with the lead given up in the ninth by Ogawa once again.

 Carp Swallows
1Kosuke Tanaka (SS)1Ueda (RF)
2Ryosuke Kikuchi (2B)2Tomotaka Sakaguchi (CF)
3Yoshihiro Maru (CF)3Tetsuto Yamada (2B)
4Seiya Suzuki (RF)4Wladimir Balentien (LF)
5Ryuhei Matsuyama (LF)5Ohmatsu (1B)
6Brad Eldred (1B)6Nakamura (C)
7Tomohiro Abe (3B)7Fujii (3B)
8Yoshiyuki Ishihara (C)8Hirooka (SS)
9Daichi Ohsera (P)9Yoshinori Sato (P)


Starters Yoshinori and Osera kept any runs off the board until the bottom of the fifth, when the Swallows scored for the first and last time in the game. Hits from Fujii and Hirooka put men on first and second, and an RBI from Ueda brought them in. Another hit from Tomotaka “please don’t get injured” Sakaguchi drove in Ueda to make things 3-0.

In the next inning, Hiroshima got to Yoshinori, who gave up two before giving up the mount to Ishiyama, who got out of the inning safe and sound. 3-2.

The birds remained in the lead until the ninth, but as Swallows fans have learned in recent days, the lack of Akiyoshi has made getting those last three outs a challenge.

No doubt many in the stands had PTSD-style flashbacks to Friday’s loss as Ogawa came to the mound and promptly gave up a hit to Abe. A bunt and steal followed to put Abe on third, and a double by Arai drove him in, putting the score at 3-3 and destroying the already damaged hearts of Swallows fans everywhere.

That’s where the score stayed for three extra innings, leading to that particularity of Japanese  baseball, the draw.

But hey, we didn’t lose. That’s good, I guess?

In some wonderful parallel universe, this guy is closing games for the 2017 Tokyo Yakult Atoms.