June 28th 2017, vs. Yomiuri (Home – Fukushima)

June 28th, 2017

Yomiuri Giants 2

Tokyo Swallows 4

Streak: Won 1    Last 5: WLLLW

(Fukushima Azuma Baseball Stadium)

W: Hoshi (3-2 ; 3.79 ERA)
L: Ohtake (4-4 ; 5.03)
S: Akiyoshi (10 S ; 3.18)

Another promising start from Hoshi laid the foundation for a some of that oh-so elusive Swallows timely hitting, which was good enough to snap Tokyo’s losing streak at three despite some typical 2017-Swallows buffoonery.

 Yomiuri Tokyo
1C***o (RF)1Sakaguchi (LF)
2Tateoka (LF)2Ueda (CF)
3Sakamoto (SS)3Yamada (2B)
4McGeheewee (3B)4Yuhei (RF)
5Yoh (CF)5Green (1B)
6Murata (1B)6Ohbiki (SS)
7Tsuji (2B)7Fujii (3B)
8Kobayashi (C)8Nishida (C)
9Ohtake (P)
4 IP | 4 ER
9Hoshi (P)
6 IP | 2 ER
2 IP | 0 ER
2 IP | 0 ER
1 IP | 0 ER
1 IP | 0 ER
1 IP | 0 ER

Hoshi pitched for a quality 6 IP | 118 NP | 4 H | 3 K | 2 BB | 2 ER line, though those two earned runs were really anything but earned (but more on that later), as he racked up his third win of his rookie season.

Tokyo took the lead in the bottom of the 1st, a no-doubter into the left field bleachers (and subsequently out of the stadium on the bounce) from Yamada, his second in as many games, made it 1-0 Tokyo.

Ohtake then settled down before falling apart in the 4th. A lead of single from Ueda and subsequent walks for Yamada and Ohbiki loaded the bases with two outs for Fujii, and he hit a chopper which bounced just out of the reach of Yomiuri gloves into rightfield, scoring two runs to extend the lead to 3-0.

Nishida was next up, and after fouling one off his knee, he hit a grounder through the infield to left to score one more for 4-0.

Hoshi meanwhile, was in cruise mode allowing just two hits though the first five frames. Some Ueda buffoonery in the field would soon put paid to that though in the 6th. A Yamamoto single ended up with the pinch-hitter on second thanks to an Ueda fumble (and error) in centre to start of the inning in inauspicious fashion. A groundout and strikeout then put two outs on the board before Sakamoto walked to bring up McGeheewee with men on first and second. With the count full, a battling Hoshi got Murata’s gaijin body-double to hit a fairly routine flyball to very shallow centre when this happened:

Now I’m guessing Ueda called off Yamada by the looks of it before failing to seal the deal, and while I get that it kind of fell in the no-mans land between infield and out, the fact that the two runs that scored off this were ultimately charged to Hoshi is an utter crime. Things did not go from bad to worse however (for a change in 2017), as Hoshi composed himself to strike out overrated mercenary Yoh swinging with his 188th and final pitch. Attaboy.

Following the rookie’s departure, the bullpen managed to close the door, despite allowing at least one base runner in each of the final three innings, wrapping things up for a “Yes, it is safe to play baseball in Fukushima” 4-2 Tokyo Final.

Game Notage

  • I like Hoshi quite a bit. Erm, that’s all. Allow me this small tantalising sliver of positivity.
  • Chuck another one on the heap of injured Swallows: Yuhei. He injured his right hand flying out in the 4th and was replaced on defence in the top of the next inning. Already on the heap are Kawabata, Yamanaka, Ogawa, Nakamura, Balentien, and Hatakeyama. Let’s just hope Hatake is not on the top of that heap or those other guys are fuuuuucked.
  • Tokyo now lie 3.5 games adrift of their neighbours in 5th.
  • Our 6th placed heroes get a day off tomorrow, before travelling to Koshien to take on the slumping Tigers from Friday.
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