June 13th 2017, vs. Tohoku

June 13th, 2017

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Tokyo Swallows 3

Streak: Lost 1  Last 5: LLLWL

(Meiji Jingu Stadium)

This one looked like it might get rained out. It would have been more fun for Tokyo if it had. The Tsubamegun could have retired to a nearby watering hole to contemplate the disappointing season thus far, rather than seeing more misery added on.

W: Kamata (3-2-0); L: Ishikawa (4-6-0)

Poor defense by Tohoku did not help the home team.

 Tohoku Tokyo
1Mogi (SS)1Sakaguchi (CF)
2Peguero (RF)2Ueda (CF)
3Imae (1B)3Yamada (2B)
4Wheeler (3B)4Yuhei (RF)
5Shimauchi (CF)5Green (1B)
6Matsui (LF)6Ohbiki (SS)
7Miyoshi (2B)7Nakamura (C)
8Shima (C)8Fujii (3B)
9Kamata (RHP)9Ishikawa (LHP)
RPTakanashi (L), Sugahara (R), Kubo (R)RPNakazawa (L), Yamamoto (R), Naruse (L)

The Scoring:

Top of the first. Mogi led off with a triple. Peguero followed that with an RBI double. Imae grounded out, driving Peguero over. Wheeler got hit by a pitch that would have been ball four anyway, then advanced on a Shimauchi short grounder back to the mound. Matsui then hit a two-run triple. Miyoshi walked. Then, finally, Shima grounded out.

Ishikawa’s shaky starts have never been his most appealing feature. 3-0 Tohoku.

Top of the third. Imae led off with a walk on four pitches, all high and away. Wheeler doubled, putting two men in scoring position. Shimauchi grounded out, but Matsui drove in two runs on a single. One more hit and four batters later, Ishikawa got out of the inning. 5-0 Tohoku.

Top of the fifth, two outs. Matsui walked in an epic AB. Miyoshi drove him in on a double. 6-0 Tohoku.

Top of the sixth, two outs. Nakazawa took the mound and fared little better than Ishikawa. Imae walked for the second time. Wheeler drove him in with a double. Shimauchi walked. Matsui hit an RBI single. 8-0 Tohoku.

Bottom of the sixth. Yuhei singled. Green reached first on an error at second. Ohbiki followed that by singling. Green got nabbed, but Yuhei scored due to poor fielding. Fujii hit a high-bouncing RBI. 8-2 Tohoku.

 Top of the seventh, two outs. Yamamoto on the mound. Mogi and Peguero singled. Okajima replaced Pegeuro on first. Ginji, pinch-hitting, hit an RBI. 9-2 Tohoku.

Top of the eighth, one out. Naruse pitching. Hijirisawa came in to bat and walked. Miyoshi popped out. Shima hit an RBI double. 10-2 Tohoku.

Bottom of the eighth. Sugahara pitched like he could play for the Swallows. He walked Yuhei. He hit Green. He balked. He then walked Ohbiki. His night ended. Kubo came on. Nishida pinch-hit for Nakamura and grounded into a double play, but still drove in a run. 10-3 Tohoku.

Top of the eighth. Mogi doubled. Okajima walked. Ginji hit a two-run double. Eventually it ended. 12-3 Tohoku, Final.