May 26th, 2017, @ Chunichi

May 26th, 2017

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Streak: Lost 4    Last 5: WLLLL

(Nagoya Dome)

The Swallows lost another heartbreaker in the ninth against the Dragons.

W: Fukutani (1-0)
L: Akiyoshi (4-3)

 Swallows Dragons
1Keiji Obiki (SS)1Yota Kyoda (SS)
2Tomotaka Sakaguchi (CF)2Kyohei Kamezawa (2B)
3 Tetsuto Yamada (2B)3Yohei Oshima (CF)
4Yuhei (Takai) (RF)4Dayan Viciedo (1B)
5Atsushi Ugumori (LF)5 Alex Guererro (3B)
6Takahiro Araki (1B)6Atsushi Fujii (LF)
7Yuhei Nakamura (C)7Ryosuke Hirata (RF)
8Ryota Yachi (3B)8 Masato Matsui (C)
9Juri Hara (P)9Shinnosuke Ogasawara (P)

It was the battle of the 2015 first round draftees with Juri Hara facing Shinnosuke Ogasawara. Hara built on his previous strong start and pitched seven shutout innings.

Ogasawara also pitched a strong game but the Swallows bats got a few runs in. Yachi lead off the third inning with a single. After Hara bunted him over to second, Obiki pulled a liner down the left field line to score Yachi. 1-0 Swallows

The Swallows got their second run after Araki took a 1-1 pitch and got it just over the tall Nagoya Dome fence in left field. 2-0 Swallows

After Hara’s strong seven, Ishiyama pitched a perfect eighth to hand a 2-0 lead to Akiyoshi in the ninth.

But smooth endings have not been the hallmark of Swallows-Dragons games this year. Akiyoshi got two quick outs to lead off the inning before things melted down. Oshima blooped a hit to right to keep hope alive. Viciedo then laced a double to left to put men in scoring position for Guerrero. The Swallows pulled in their outfield to prevent extra runs on a single. The plan didn’t quite work as Guerrero got jammed and blooped a shallow single in front of Ueda playing centerfield. Oshima scored easily, but the Dragons correctly surmised that even a shallow playing Ueda would not be able to make an accurate enough throw to home and waved Viciedo home. Ueda tossed a grounder that didn’t make it home in time and allowed the tying run to score. 2-2 All With the sayonara run on first, Hirata worked the count full against Akiyoshi before he hit the ball deep off of the center field wall to trigger the sayonara celebrations. 3-2 Dragons FINAL

WTF has it been with Dragons-Swallows games and late innings?


  • The Swallows and Dragons have played eight games so far this year. Akiyoshi has been the Swallows’ pitcher of record in five of those games amassing a 3-2 record.
  • Of the eight earned runs Akiyoshi has conceded this season, seven have been off the bats of the Dragons. Akiyoshi has a 9.45 ERA with a 1.95 WHIP against the Dragons. They are the only team that has a WHIP over 1.00 against our closer.
  • Wladimir Balentien sat out this game as he served his mandatory one game suspension for being ejected from a second game this season.
  • Ogawa will try to break the losing streak and prevent a fall into sixth place tomorrow afternoon.
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