April 29th, 2017 vs Yomiuri

April 29th, 2017

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Tokyo Swallows 2

Streak: Won 1    Last 5: LLWLW

(Meiji Jingu Stadium)

Tokyo finally scored a run and won a game against their cross-town rivals. Thank you, Mr. Ogawa, for keeping a lid on the evil empire’s offense.

W: Ogawa (3-2)
L: Shinohara (1-1)
S: Akiyoshi (3-0 3S)

For those keeping track at home, that was 34 consecutive innings against the Giants this season without a run.

 Giants Swallows
1Soichiro Tateoka (CF)1Tomotaka Sakaguchi (CF)
2Daisuke Nakai (2B)2Keiji Obiki (SS)
3Hayato Sakamoto (SS)3Tetsuto Yamada (2B)
4Shinnosuke Abe (1B)4Wladimir Balentien (LF)
5Casey McGehee (3B)5Yuhei (Takai) (RF)
6Hisayoshi Ch**o (RF)6Atsushi Ugumori (1B)
7Shingo Ishikawa (LF)7Yuhei Nakamura (C)
8Seiji Kobayashi (C)8Naomichi Nishiura (3B)
9Kazuto Shinohara (P)9Yasuhiro Ogawa (P)

Taguchi issued lots of free bases in this contest, but the Swallows failed to capitalize for six innings. Some of that was bad luck, some of it was also like due to poor decision-making. Obiki Tak-bunted (scroll down for definition) with Sakaguchi on first and no outs in both the first and fifth innings. But…no joy.

The majority of Tokyo’s offense occurred in the seventh inning. After Yamada flew out to center, Balentien was issued a four-pitch walk. Yuhei then turned on the fourth heater he saw from reliever Shinohara and parked it in the right field bleachers.

2-0 Tokyo

Fortunately for the Swallows faithful, Ogawa turned in another top-notch performance. He allowed just one run from eight hits and no walks. He also struck out six while throwing 121 pitches this evening. He was relieved by Ishiyama with just one out left to go in the eighth.

Yomiuri’s lone run came in the top of the eighth when Abe knocked in Tateoka who had earlier singled.


Akiyoshi walked one but got the save after 16 pitches and no hits in the top of the ninth.

Game three of this series is scheduled for 6PM tomorrow.

After dropping the first two, Ogawa has won his last three starts.

**Game Notes:

  • Ogawa has had a solid first month of the season. With the exception of his first start on April 1st (five innings), he has pitched at least seven full frames in each of his starts. And he has not allowed more than two runs in any of those appearances, earned or otherwise. Righties are batting .182 against him while lefties are hitting .250, and he has yet to hit a batter, throw a wild pitch, or allow a homer this season. Of the 66 right-handed batters he’s faced thus far, Ogawa has allowed 12 hits, struck out 17, and walked five. Against 60 lefties, he has allowed 15 hits, struck out 15, and walked six.
  • The two-run dinger was Yuhei’s second of the season.
  • Yamada walked twice but was 0-3 otherwise.
  • Balentien was 0-1 but drew three walks.
  • Sakaguchi had two singles, drew a walk, and got beaned in a 2-3 night at the plate.
  • The Swallows are in last place in the Central League with a league worse .231 team batting average. The team’s 3.17 ERA, good enough for fourth in the Central, is just barely holding things together at the moment.

Tak-bunt (n.) – a term coined during Takada’s miserable reign as manager when sacrifice bunts were seemingly automatic when there was a runner on first and no outs. Although Obiki Tak-bunted twice tonight, current manager Mitsuru Manaka has thankfully abused the practice far less than some of his predecessors.

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