Apr 4th 2017, @ Hanshin

April 4th, 2017

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Streak: Won 2   Last 4: WLWW

(Kyocera Dome)

Here at the Tsubamegun, we have no love for the Hanshin Tigers. The Swallows’ first foray into Kansai  of the 2017 campaign helped remind us why.

W: Buchanan (1-0-0); Loser: Fujinami (0-1-0)

New guy David Buchanan had one heck of a first outing, tossing eight innings, giving up one run on five hits and notching a win. His fine performance was overshadowed by a bit of a fracas, though.

 Tokyo Hanshin
1Ohbiki (SS)1Takayama (LF)
2Sakaguchi (LF)2Yamato (2B)
3Yamada (2B)3Itoi (CF)
4Ueda (CF)4Fukudome (RF)
5Yuhei (RF)5Haraguchi (1B)
6Hatakeyama (1B)6Toritani (3B)
7Nakamura (C)7Hojoh (SS)
8Yachi (3B)8Umeno (C)
9Buchanan (RHP)9Fujinami (RHP)
RPAkiyoshi (R)RPMatsuda (R), Fujikawa (L), Kuwahara (R)

Top of the first. Ohbiki led off with a walk, but quickly sat down after a Sakaguchi GIDP. Yamada and Balentien then both walked before Yuhei drove in a run. 1-0 Tokyo.

Top of the third. Balentien led off by cranking a low fastball down the center into the centerfield stands. 2-0 Tokyo.

Top of the fifth. Yuhei singled, bringing up Hatakeyama. After two pitches low and away, Fujinami chucked one high and inside that, at first, appeared to hit Hatake in the face. (On review, it seems to have caught the corner of his helmet’s visor.) It was the sort of pitch that didn’t quite seem like an accident. Adding to this impression was the fact that, rather then apologize, Fujinami appeared to stare Hatake down. No surprise. He’s one of Hanshin’s wannabe chinpira.

The benches cleared and a scrum ensued. Coco rushed out of the dugout and pulled Hanshin’s Yano off the pile. Yano, pathetically, made some kind of twerpy attempt at a two-footed kick he probably saw in a video game. Despite video from two angles making it very clear that Balentien had done nothing more than pull Yano off the pile before being restrained, Hanshin’s radio guys speculated about a punch.

What do you expect? They’re Hanshin. It’s usually their loser fans that pull this crap, but the team is not above it.

Balentien and Yano got ejected. Fujinami, despite head-hunting in a league where even an accident beaning results in ejection, somehow stayed in. Tokyo Manager Manaka is filing an official complaint over the absurd incompetence of the umpires in not ejecting Fujinami.

Video here.

Bottom of the sixth. After a stellar first five innings, Buchanan faced Yoshio Itoi, who, after productive years with Hokkaido and Orix, presumably decided he wanted to know what it was like to hang out with the kind of guys who try to ply tweens with wine coolers and made a move to Hanshin. Buchanan left a change-up floating over the middle of the plate and Itoi pulled it into the right field bleachers. 2-1 Tokyo.

Top of the ninth. Araki led off with a double. Ohbiki grounded out to second, but drove Araki to third.  Sakaguchi then did the same, but drove Araki home. 3-1 Tokyo, Final.

More thumping of sad little hoodlums tomorrow.

  • Hoodlums > rapists

  • Kozo

    I think you give Fujinami too much credit. He doesn’t have the control to be a head-hunter.