Apr 19th 2017, @ Yomiuri

April 19th, 2017

TS Logo 150x transparentTokyo Swallows 0FYG

Yomiuri Giants 1

Streak: Lost 3    Last 5: LWLLL


W: Shinohara
L: Buchanan (1-1 ; 0.78 ERA)
S: Caminero (6S)

The Swallows were kept off the board for the second straight night in Kyushu. This game gave me a headache. Isn’t this fun?*

 Tokyo Yomiuri
1Yamasaki (CF)1Nakai (2B)
2Yachi (3B)2Tateoka (CF)
3Yamada (2B)3Sakamoto (SS)
4Balentien (LF)4Abe (1B)
5Yuhei (RF)5McGehee (3B)
6Nishida (1B)6Ishikawa (LF)
7Nakamura (C)7Ch**o (RF)
8Nishiura (SS)8Kobayashi (C)
9Buchanan (P)
7 IP | 103 NP | 7 H | 5 K | 0 BB | 1 HBP | 1 R | 0 ER
9Takagi (P) | 2 IP
1 IP | 24 NP | 1 H | 2 BB | 0 ER
RPShinohara | 3 IP
Ikeda | 1 IP
Mathieson | 1 IP
Morifuku | 0.1 IP
Caminero | 1.2 IP

David Buchanan started for Tokyo, and had another extremely effective outing, giving up just the solitary run (unearned) in his seven innings of work. In his three starts so far, he has gone at least seven innings deep (eight innings both times before tonight), and given up no more than one earned run during each shift (0.78 ERA). Positives. He’s a big one.

His only run allowed was gifted to Yomiuri by a Tokyo error and some overzealous officiating. A single and a Nishiura error at short put two men on for the opposition with one out on the board. A highly questionable balk call from the third base umpire (protested briefly by Manaka) then put both runners in scoring position for the Piggy Overlord, who hit a sac fly to score what would be the game’s only run. McGehee then struck out looking to end the inning.

Yomiuri starter Takagi looked rather cursed from the 1st inning after taking a Yamada liner off his chest, which he would ultimately field and throw to first to end the inning.

Then in the bottom of the 2nd, he muffed a sac bunt attempt, hitting into an inning ending double play, but not only that, he also conspired to get hit squarely on the fingers by the ball while doing so (though he left the field holding his mouth for some bizarre reason) and didn’t make it back out to pitch the top of the 3rd.

In his place came 2014 first round draft pick Shinohara, making his first appearance for the top team. Surely the Swallows bats would capitalise on this gift, right? Wrong (but you knew that already right?).


  • In the 3rd: Buchanan doubles with one out, a way high and outside wild pitch from a clearly nervous Shinohara sends him to third, Yamasaki walks to put men on the corners. Yachi hits into an inning ending double play.
  • In the 4th: Yamada leads off the inning with a single to left, thrown out trying to stretch said single to a double.
  •  In the 5th: Nishiura singles with two outs, Buchanan then hits a fly ball into the no-man’s land between the infield and outfield which drops fair, and is thrown out at second trying to do what Yamada attempted the inning prior. Inning over.
  • In the 7th: Yuhei walks and Nishida singles to put two on with one out. Nakamura hits into an inning ending double play.
  • In the 8th: Araki (batting for Buchanan) hits and one out double. Ugumori hits a fly ball to the same place as Buchanan did in the 5th, Araki really should have scored, but didn’t take the gamble, leaving men on the corners for Ohmatsu who, come on, say it with me: “HIT. INTO. AN. INNING. ENDING. DOUBLE. PLAY.” You’ve been a great audience, goodnight!

Aside from the horror show that it the current state of the offence, after Buchanan’s seven innings, Ishiyama worked the 8th. He allowed a two out double to Sakamoto, and then intentionally walked both Piggy Overlord and McGehee to load the bases just to get to closer Caminero, who had come in to mop up Morifuku’s mess in the top of the inning. Caminero obliged by hitting grounding out to end the inning.

He then, despite hitting Yuhei on the leg with two outs, cruised through the Swallows cleanup to make it a “thank fuck we have an off day tomorrow yeah?” 1-0 Yomiuri Final.

Game Notage

  •  15,148 people, most of whom should really know better (this being Kyushu and all), turned out to wave cheap orange towels, gurn, and bask in the majesty of school children’s shitty dance routines (yakuza style full size pig back-tatoos were available for free in the outfield concourse, in honour of the overlord himself).
  • Balentien made an excellent sliding catch on the run near the left foul line in the 4th.

  • Erm, that’s about it. The Swallows get a day off tomorrow before taking on the runaway Carp at home from Friday. That should be fun? Maybe not.

*No it is not.

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