Jul 31st 2016, @ Yomiuri

July 31st, 2016

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Yomiuri Giants 10

Streak: Lost 6 Last 5: LLLLL

(Tokyo Dome)

After five straight losses, including a tattooing yesterday, the Swallows had to notch a win, if only to give Tokyo a chance to catch its collective breath. Unfortunately, it appears Shohei Tateyama was traded to the Giants after the first inning, but didn’t tell anyone. Ugliness all around.

Pitchers:Tokyo: TateyamaHirai (R)Dohi (R)Akiyoshi (R)XFinal
Yomiuri: MikolasTone (L)
W: Mikolas (2-0-0); L: Tateyama (1-3-0)

 Tokyo Yomiuri
1Ohbiki (SS)1Chono (RF)
2Yamazaki (RF)2Matsumoto (LF)
3Sakaguchi (CF)3Sakamoto (SS)
4Yamada (2B)4Abe (1B)
5Balentien (LF)5Murata (3B)
6Imanami (1B)6Hashimoto (CF)
7Nishiura (3B)7Wakiya (2B)
8Nakamura (C)8Kobayashi (C)
9Tateyama (RHP)9Mikolas (RHP)

The Scoring:

Bottom of the second. On the bright side, it appears Tateyama can get blown up and survive. On the dark side, he got beaten like an inappropriate Mike Tyson joke.

Murata and Hashimoto started the side with back-to-back singles, occupying the corners. Wakiya drove Murata in with a single. Kobayashi singled to load the bases. A moment of mercy came next, as Mikolas came up to bat and struck out looking. Alas, Chono hit a line-drive, two-run single to center next. Matsumoto whiffed, but Sakamoto hit an RBI single right after that. This brought up Abe, who hit a two-run double to left. This brought Murata back up. In what must have been a gesture of charity, Murata put a stop to the beating by grounding out to short. 6-0 Yomiuri.

That no paramedics came out to attend to Tateyama’s wounds is concerning.

Bottom of the fourth, two outs.  Sakamoto doubled. Tateyama then walked Abe, mostly by trying to throw low and inside without success. Murata hit a two-run double. 8-0 Yomiuri.

 Top of the fifth. The Birds finally got on the board when Balentien knocked a slider into the middle of right field bleachers for a solo home run. Tokyo then managed to get two hits in a row for the first time all game, when Imanami singled on a short bounce back to the mound. Nishiura struck out and Nakamura popped out, but Nishida doubled to put two men in scoring position, all set up for Ohbiki to pop out. 8-1 Yomiuri.

Bottom of the seventh. The Giants took advantage of their big advantage and Hiroaki Dohi’s relative inexperience to widen their lead. Abe and Murata both singled and were replaced on the basepaths by Yamamoto and Terauchi, respectively. Kobayashi hit a two-run double before Mikolas struck out to end the inning. 10-1 Yomiuri.

 Bottom of the eighth. Akiyoshi took the mound and started off with an epic, 14-pitch AB vs. Chono. It ended with a ground-out back to the mound. Akiyoshi made it out of the inning unscathed.

10-1 Yomiuri, Final.

The Carp come to town on Tuesday evening.