Jul 23rd 2016, @ Chunichi

July 23rd, 2016

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Chunichi Dragons 1

Streak: Won 2      Last 5: WLLWW

(Nagoya Dome)

Your birds won the game and the series after a wild top of the 10th in Nagoya.

W: Lueke (5-3, 2.76 ERA)
L: Sobue (0-2, 0.89)
S: Akiyoshi (3-4, 7S, 2.19)

And they’ll climb into fourth place in the Central League if they can complete the sweep tomorrow afternoon at the dome.

 Tokyo Chunichi
1Ohbiki (SS)1Ohshima (CF)
2Sakaguchi (RF)2Kamesawa (2B)
3Balentien (LF)3Hirata (RF)
4Yamada (2B)4Viciedo (1B)
5Yuhei (RF)5Fukuda (3B)
6Imanami (1B)6Hernandez (SS)
7Nishiura (3B)7Fujii (LF)
8Nakamura (C)8Sugiyama (C)
9Yamanaka (RHP)9Yoshimi (RHP)
RPLueke (R), Akiyoshi (R)RPTajima (R), Sobue (R), Iwase (L), Yamai (R)

Yamada started the second by swatting a 2-2 slider into center field, and he reached third on Yuhei’s base knock three pitches later (also a slider). Imanami picked up his 24th RBI of the season on a sac fly to left (yup, another slider). Yamada tagged up and scored from third.

1-0 Tokyo

But the home team tied it up in the next inning. Yamanaka gave up a double to Ohshima with one out, and then another one to Hirata with two. Ohshima scored easily from third.


And then there wasn’t any scoring for a looooooong time. The Swallows put a pair of runners on base in the third and seventh, but nothing came of it. Ditto for Chunichi in the fourth and eighth. The two teams finished nine innings locked at a run apiece.

Yamanaka didn't factor into the win, but he put in a very impressive effort.

Yamanaka didn’t factor into the win, but he put in a very impressive effort.

Yamanaka pitched eight full innings and allowed just the one run from eight hits. He struck out four and walked one over the course of his 116-pitch effort.

Lueke only expended eight pitches in sitting the Dragons down in order.

On to extra innings. Miwa, in to pinch-hit for Lueke, collected a single to left, and then Ohbiki’s sacrifice bunt attempt was met with a bad throw which left both runners safe. Sakaguchi tried to bunt both runners over, but muffed it and Miwa was gunned down at third. Balentien’s nine-pitch battle against Sobue ended with a grounder back to the mound, but now both runners were in scoring position.

Ohbiki managed to sneak home on Yamada’s troublesome infield single behind the mound, and Yuhei (now facing Iwase) plated Sakaguchi with his infield single to short.


Akiyoshi gave up a double to start the bottom of the 10th, but he got out of the inning cleanly on three consecutive outs.

The hilarious thing about that inning was that Tokyo scored two runs, but only hit the ball out of the infield once! Both runs were judged to be unearned, so Sobue’s ERA remains under one.

But the most important thing is that Tokyo won and took another series from Chunichi.

Tokyo will attempt to make it a sweep tomorrow starting at 2 PM. Yoshinori takes the mound for Tokyo against Chunichi’s Ogasawara.


  • This game lasted three hours and 35 minutes despite going one extra inning.
  • 34,087 patrons allegedly held tickets for this game.
  • Yamada and Yuhei had nearly identical stat lines in leading the offense. They both went 2-5 with a pair of singles and 1 RBI each. Yamada pipped Yuhei by also scoring once (second inning).
  • Yamada leads the Central League in almost every meaningful offensive category except for triples and slugging (he is the team leader in the latter). His slash line currently looks like this: .348/.462/.690
  • Yuhei leads the team in one important category, batting average with runners in scoring position (.331).
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