June 26th 2016, vs. Chunichi

June 26th, 2016

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Tokyo Swallows 5

Streak: Won 3      Last 5: WLWWW

(Meiji Jingu Stadium)

Following a comfortable 5-1 victory and a thumping 13-9 victory, the Swallows continued to try inch their way out of the basement by sweeping the Dragons. Questions over the OF remained.

W: Muranaka (4-2-0); L: Ogawa (0-1-0)

Extra-innings victory excitement! A walk-off!

 Chunichi Tokyo
1Hernandez (2B)1Ohbiki (SS)
2Oshima (CF)2Sakaguchi (CF)
3Hirata (RF)3Kawabata (3B)
4Viciedo (1B)4Yamada (2B)
5Nanita (LF)5Yuhei (RF)
6Fukuda (3B)6Balentien (LF)
7Donoue (SS)7Imanami (1B)
8Katsura (C)8Nakamura (C)
9Yoshimi (RHP)9Sugiura (RHP
RPOkada (L), Matayoshi (R), Yamai (R), Ogawa (L), Tajima (R)RPLueke (R), Akiyoshi (R), Ondrusek (R), Hirai (R), Muranaka (L)

The Scoring:

Bottom of the first, two outs. Kawabata singled. The first pitch Yoshimi served up to Yuhei was a straight right over the middle, which our man delivered to the away fans. 3-0 Tokyo.

Top of the sixth, two outs. Hernandez, Oshima, and Hirata strung together three base hits for a run. 3-1 Tokyo.

Bottom of the eighth, two outs. Sakaguchi doubled. Kawabata drove him in. Yamada grounded out to end the inning. 4-1 Tokyo.

Top of the ninth, one out. With Ondrusek on the mound, Nanita drove a double out to the right field fence. Fukuda doubled to put men on the corners and Ondrusek walked Donoue to load the bases. Tani hit a fly ball to left. Hiyane, overly aggressive and possibly blinded by the sun, ran right past the ball. Game tied as three men score. 4-4.

Top of the eleventh. Sakaguchi and Kawabata hit to put men on the corners. Ogawa intentionally walked Yamada with four pitches way high and outside. Yuhei grounded out. Miwa became a f*ing hero with a sayonara RBI. 5-4 Tokyo, Final.