May 17th 2016, @ Hiroshima

May 17th, 2016

Tokyo Swallows 0Hiroshima Carp logo clean

Hiroshima Carp 9

Streak: Lost 4 Last 5: WLLLL

(Mazda Stadium)

Water is wet, fire is hot, the sky is blue, Hiroshima destroys Swallows (again).

W: Johnson L: Arakaki

 Hiroshima Tokyo
1Tanaka (SS)1Hiyane (CF)
2Kikuchi (2B)2Kawabata (3B)
3Maru (CF)3Yamada (2B)
4Arai (1B)4Balentien (LF)
5Eldred (LF)5Hatakeyama (1B)
6Matsuyama (RF)6Ugumori (RF)
7Abe (3B)7Ohbiki (SS)
8Ishihara (C)8Nakamura (C)
9Johnson (SP)9Arakaki (SP)

The Swallows made their way to Hiroshima on Tuesday to start a three game series against the surprising Carp.

The starters for this game were lanky lefty Johnson for the Carp and veteran Arakaki for the Swallows.

In their games against Hiroshima this season, the Swallows have been outscored 52 runs to 29.

The Scoring

First inning: Hiroshima got off to a quick start against Arakaki with consecutive RBI singles by Arai and Eldred. 2-0 Hiroshima

Second inning: (starting to get a bad feeling about this one) Tanaka and Kikuchi with consecutive RBI singles again. 4-0 Hiroshima

Fourth inning: (it can’t get any worse can it?) Maru hit a two RBI double off Arakaki. Arakaki then threw a wild pitch to score another run.  7-0 Hiroshima

Sixth inning: (Arakaki hanging in there, let’s just get him to pitch six innings and at least get the bullpen some much needed rest) Arai with another RBI single. 8-0 Hiroshima

Eighth inning: the final cherry on the cake for Arai and his big night, a solo home run to straightaway center. 9-0 Hiroshima Final

Hiroshima lefty Johnson was superb on the night, pitching a complete game shutout.

9 IP, 5 hits, 5 strikeouts, 1 walk

Thankfully for Johnson, he also helped in completing this game in a relatively painless 2 hours 51 minutes for Swallows fans.

News and Notes

  • Starters for Wednesday’s game are: Nomura for Hiroshima, Ishikawa for the Swallows.
  • In nine games against the Swallows this season, Hiroshima is hitting as a team .309, 17 home runs, and 99 hits.
  • Swallows starter Arakaki became the third pitcher in NPB history to record 100 wild pitches.