May 14th 2016, @ Yomiuri

May 14th, 2016

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Yomiuri Giants 7

Streak: Lost 2 Last 5: LWWLL

(Tokyo Stain Dome)

Hope you didn’t go to this game because it was poopy.

W: Imamura (3-1); L: Yamanaka (2-2)

 Tokyo Yomiuri
1Sakaguchi (CF)1Tateoka (CF)
2Kawabata (3B)2 Wakiya (2B)
3Yamada (2B)3Sakamoto (SS)
4Balentien (LF)4Garrett (1B)
5Hatakeyama (1B)5Chono (RF)
6 Ugumori (RF)6Kamei (LF)
7Ohbiki (SS)7Murata (3B)
8Nakamura (C)8Kobayashi (C)
9Yamanaka (RHP)9Imamura (LHP)
RPNakazawa (L), Kyuko (L)RPMathieson (R), Tahara (R)

The Swallows started the scoring in the top of the first. With two outs, Yamada blooped a single into shallow center. He then took second when Yomiuri’s pitcher, Imamura, guessed right on which pitch Yamada would take off on, but the 1-3-6 relay took too long and the 2015 Central League MVP was safe in scoring position.

Balentien then ripped a 2-1 forkball for a stand-up double which was more than enough to drive Yamada home from second. Hell, he would have scored from first on that hit.

1-0 Tokyo

But that was pretty much it for the Swallows offense.

Yomiuri fought back in the second when Yamanaka’s sliders and heaters lost a bit of their spice. Garrett and Chono hit consecutive doubles before Kamei claimed his second home run of the season.

1-3 Yomiuri

But things got out of hand in the sixth. With two outs, Sakamoto singled and Garrett followed with his seventh homer of the season.

It was the third time that Garrett absolutely belted a Yamanaka pitch in this game. Yamanaka was lucky to get him out in his second at-bat after he pulled a bomb just right of the foul pole. This particular pitch, the one that went out, was a mistake that crept up in the zone and looked identical to the two other pitches that Garrett throttled, so…whoops.

1-5 Yomiuri

Yomiuri added another in the bottom of the seventh. Cruz hit a sac fly to center with the bases juiced. Nakazawa was pitching at the time.

1-6 Yomiuri

And more runs for the orange masses in the eighth. With Kyuko on the mound, Garrett was somewhat lucky to reach first on an infield single, and pinch runner, Suzuki, scored from first on Chono’s double to the corner in right.


Yamanaka took the loss after giving up five earned runs over six innings of work. He threw 84 pitches, allowed six hits (two homers), struck out one, and didn’t issue any walks. His record stabilized at 2-2.

Nakazawa and Kyuko both gave up a run in their respective innings of relief (both earned).

Game three of this series is tomorrow at 2 PM.

**Game Notes:

  • Both Balentien and Sakaguchi were two for three with a walk. Balentien also had one RBI.
  • Ugumori was a liability in right field. His throws to the cutoff man were atrocious (although one could argue that they did not lead to any extra bases).
  • The team hit totals were the same as yesterday, but the long ball hurt Tokyo today.
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