Mar 27th 2016, @ Yomiuri

March 27th, 2016

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Yomiuri Giants 3

Last 5: (WL) LLL  Streak: Lost 3

(Big Rotten Egg)

A lackluster inning from Akiyoshi allowed our orange hosts to squeak by, sweeping the Birds to start the 2016 campaign.

W: Mathieson (1-0-0)
L: Akiyoshi (0-1-0)
S: Sawamura (0-0-2)

 Tokyo Yomiuri
1Araki (LF)1Chono (RF)
2Kawabata (3B)2Tateoka (CF)
3Yamada (2B)3Sakamoto (SS)
4Hatakeyama (1B)4(Imposter) Garrett (1B)
5Yuhei (RF)5Cruz (2B)
6Sakaguchi (CF)6Nakai (LF)
7Ohbiki (SS)7Murata (3B)
8Nakamura (C)8Kobayashi (C)
9Hara (P)9Taguchi (C)
RPLueke, Akiyoshi, SugiuraRPYamaguchi, Mathieson, Sawamura

The Scoring:

Bottom of the third, two outs. Sakamoto doubled to left. Hara then walked Garrett on four straight pitches. Cruz then drove Sakamoto in on a hard liner to left. 1-0 Yomiuri.

(If this “Garrett” usurper doesn’t get himself benched soon, it’s going to be a long season for me.)

Top of the sixth. Taguchi tried to work Yamada low and outside, but no dice. Yamada drove a shuuto into the leftfield bleachers for a solo home run, his first round-tripper of the year. 1-1.

Top of the eighth. Yamada drew a walk, then nabbed second on a wild pitch. Hatake hit an RBI single to deep right, giving the Swallows their first lead of the season. 2-1 Tokyo.

Bottom of the eighth. Akiyoshi took the mound for  Tokyo and gave up a single to Sakamoto followed by Garrett homer. (See what I mean? That bastard.) 3-1 Yomiuri, Final.

Friends, by virtue of your reading this site, we here at the Tsubamegun know you are a solid, upstanding citizen with strong values earned through hard work and consistently doing the right thing. Like us, you have probably had moments of worry that success might change the greater Swallows community. We have sinned, if only in our hearts, by lamenting the loss of ample outfield seating space that has accompanied victory n Tokyo. We have sniffed at those who didn’t stick around through the lean years, but showed up to join in with the oendan cheers of which we were not fond. Maybe we got haughty.

Getting swept at Yomiuri is the baseball equivalent of being forced to go spelunking in a sewer, then having it cave in on you. But perhaps this tribulation to start the season is like Passover or Ash Wednesday – we just to be reminded of our former suffering in order to move forward, winning all the damned time, but without turning into those we have always so justly opposed.

The Swallows’ first home stand starts Tuesday night, when the Tigers come to town.

  • Philippe Sutra

    It s a shame that we lost the 1st and 3 rd games. Ogawa and Hara pitched really well. Our offense was too weak to drive in the runners on base.

    Akiyoshi was really bad in this series. He cost us two wins i think. I will regroup for sure.

    Cruz and Kobayashi was a pain in the ass for sure. Great series for both of us.

  • Philippe Sutra

    Juri Hara pitched a really good game, showing a lot a variation in his pitches. He gave up one hit that i think Obiki had a chance to have the play at the plate. Hara showed good composure when needed. Really a great outing.

    Akiyoshi once again was really bad in his outing. His slider just hang in the zone and was hit all the time. He get the loss this time and really have to regroup. He costed us 1 1/2 wins i think.

    Once again the offense didn’t manage to score the runner. Except for the home run of Yamada and the 2B hit of Hatakeyama who scored Yamada, the offense in this series was bad. Hits were there but not at the good moment.

    Cruz and Kobayashi were really a pain in the ass during the series. Cruz was outstanding on defense too. When i thought Garrett would have a weak series, he managed to hit the winning home run….