Oct 28th 2015, JAPAN SERIES – vs Softbank (Game 4)

October 28th, 2015

Softbank Hawks 6

Tokyo Swallows 4

Series: Tokyo 1-3 Softbank

(Meiji Jingu Stadium)

W: Settsu
L: Tateyama
S: Sarfate

Despite a valiant effort, the Swallows were unable to overcome a massive deficit and fell to SoftBank at Jingu. SoftBank now find themselves one win away from a second straight championship.

On the brink

On the brink

 Hawks Swallows
1Fukuda (RF)2Ueda (CF)
2Akashi (2B)3Kawabata (3B)
3Yanagita (CF)4Yamada (2B)
4DH Lee (1B)5Hatakeyama (1B)
5Matsuda (3B)7Yuhei (RF)
6Nakamura (LF)8Balentien (RF)
7Imamiya (SS)9Imanami (SS)
8Hosokawa (C)PNakamura (C)
9Settsu (P)Tateyama (P)

SoftBank scored early and often against Swallows starter Tateyama. After Two of the first three SoftBank batters walked in the first inning, Lee Dae-Ho followed up with an RBI single to left. 1-0 SoftBank

Tateyama found himself in more trouble in he third inning. After giving up a single and walking the next two batters to load the bases, Lee Dae-Ho stepped up again with a bases clearing double. Light hitting catcher Hosokawa later followed with another RBI double and that spelled the end for Tateyama. 5-0 SoftBank

In the fourth inning, the Swallows attack had the making of a big inning. Balentien and Imanami both singled for two runners on with no outs. Unfortunately for the Swallows, all they could muster against SoftBank starter Settsu was a measly RBI groundout. 5-1 SoftBank

In the sixth inning, Hosokawa hit what eventually turned out to become a back-breaking home run to pad their lead. 6-1 SoftBank

The Swallows bats finally came alive in the home half of the sixth inning. Balentien, Imanami, Nakamura all singled to open the inning and load the bases. After pinch hitter Tanaka Hiroyasu struck out swinging, Ueda followed with a two run single and Kawabata hit an RBI ground ball. At the end however, this was as close as the Swallows got against Softbank’s stellar middle relief and closer. 6-4 SoftBank FINAL

In Thursday night’s game five at Jingu, the Swallows will send out Ishikawa on four days rest against SoftBank starter Jason Standridge.

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