Sep 27th 2015, @ Yomiuri

September 27th, 2015

Tokyo Swallows 2FYG

Yomiuri Giants 1

Last 5: WWWLW  Streak: Won 1

(Tokyo Dome)

Revenge being necessary lest the Swallows slip into a tie for first, your team edged out the forces of evil, obtaining a magic number of 3 in the process.

W: Ishikawa (13-9-0); L: Sugano (10-11-0); S: Barnette (3-1-39)

 Tokyo Yomiuri
1Ueda (CF)1Tatsuoka (CF)
2Kawabata (3B)2Kataoka (2B)
3Yamada (2B)3Sakamoto (SS)
4Hatakeyama (1B)4Abe (1B)
5Balentien (LF)5Chono (RF)
6Yuhei (RF)6Ohta (LF)
7Imanami (SS)7Okamoto (3B)
8Nakamura (C)8Kobayashi (C)
9Ishikawa (P)9Sugano (P)
RPAkiyoshi, Roman, Kyuko, Ondrusek, BarnetteRPTahara, Tone, Miyaguni, Yamaguchi, Matheson

The Scoring occurred entirely in the fifth, but both teams played aggressively. Pop-ups galore in the first few innings, particularly by the hosts, whose desperation made them needy. No dice, though. Ishikawa managed to avoid serious harm, though. Kobayashi made it to third in the third.

On the side of good, Tokyo managed to put runners on the corners in the fourth, but couldn’t put runs up.

Top of the fifth. Yuhei singled, Imanari joined him on base with a nice infield hit. Nakamura then sac-bunted them both over. Ishikawa then came through. Yes, Ishikawa, with an RBI, followed immediately by an Ueda RBI grounder to second. 2-0 Tokyo.

Bottom of the fifth, one out. Okamoto walked and Kobayashi hit, putting both men in scoring position. Ibata then came in to pinch hit and notched Yomiuri their only run. 2-1 Tokyo, Final.

The bottom of the seventh saw Roman take the mound and do one of the most pleasing thing a pitcher can do – struck out somebody trying to sac-bunt. Terauchi, in this case. Nice stuff.

The Swallows bullpen ended things well. Kyuko came in an out into the seventh and wrapped things up neatly. Ondrusek took the mound in the eight and put two batters down, although Kataoka made it to third. Barnette came in to wrap things up in fiery fashion. He started by pegging Abe, then striking out Chono. In the ninth, Kamei walked and Takahashi hit, but Barnette ended things with two Ks.