Aug 30th 2015, @ Hanshin

Aug 30th, 2015

Tokyo Swallows 11Clean Hanshin Tigers Logo

Hanshin Tigers 8

Streak: Won 2   Last 5: WWLWW

(Koshien Stadium)

A big day out by Tateyama, which included a three-run round-tripper in addition to a win on the mound, led Tokyo to a victory in a bludgeoning of the Tigers at Koshien.

W: Tateyama (4-2-0); L: Iwasaki (3-6-0); S: Barnette (2-0-32)

 Tokyo Hanshin
1Hiiyane (CF)1Toritani (SS)
2Kawabata (3B)2Uemoto (2B)
3Yamada (2B)3Fukudome (RF)
4Hatakeyama (1B)4Gomez (1B)
5Yuhei (RF)5Murton (LF)
6Milledge (LF)6Imanari (3B)
7Ohbiki (SS)7Itoh (CF)
8Nakamura (C)8Fujii (C)
9Tateyama (P)9Iwasaki (P)
RPNakazawa, Matsuoka, Furuno, Akiyoshi, Kyuko, BarnetteRPTamaki, Futakami, Tsutsui, Takamiya

The Scoring:

Bottom of the first. Toritani walked, Uemoto sac-bunted him over to second, and Fukudome drove him in with a single. 1-0 Hanshin.

Top of the fourth. Kawabata singled, Yamada reached first on an Imanari fumble, and Hatakeyama walked to load the bases. Yuhei and Milledge both popped out, then Ohbiki came through with a massive three-run triple. Iwasaki then intentionally walked Nakamura to get to Tateyama, who made him pay for his hubris. Three-run home run.

Was that all? Nope. Hiyane singled, then shot home on a Kawabata single, ending Iwasaki’s outing. Tamaki took the mound, struck out Yamada, and ended his team’s suffering. 7-1 Tokyo.

Top of the fifth. Yuhei doubled, reached third on a passed ball, and scored on a Milledge single. 8-1 Tokyo.

Top of the eighth. With Tsuitsui on the mound, Nakamura and Miwa connected to get on second and third. Hiyane drove Nakamura home and Kawabata walked to load the bases. Yamada notched another run on a sac-fly and Hatake drove in one more while not making it to first himself. 11-1 Tokyo.

Bottom of the eighth. You know by now, dear reader, that there is little comfort for you as a Swallows fan.

Furuno and Tanaka came in as Tokyo’s new battery. Fukudome and Gomez hit, Murton, Imanari, and Umeno drove in runs. 11-4 Tokyo.

Bottom of the ninth. Kyuko walked Toritani and gave up a short dribbler to Uemoto. Gomez and Murton then hit back-to-back RBIs again. Everyone advanced on a wild pitch and Yamato added one more run for the hosts. The Birds then called in Barnette to put down Umeno and end the game. 11-8 Tokyo, Final.

Exhale. See you Tuesday at the Big Egg.