Jul 21st 2015, @ Yokohama

July 21st, 2015

Tokyo Swallows 17

Yokohama BayStars 3

Streak: Won 3 Last 5: LLWWW

(Yokohama Stadium)

W: Ogawa (5-6 / 3.62 ERA)
L: Miura (4-3 / 3.70 ERA)

[Tonight: 17 runs off 22 hits] + [Last night: 8 runs off 17 hits] = These post-AllStar break Swallows have come to play.

 Swallows Baystars
1Hiyane (CF)1Kajitani (RF)
2Kawabata (3B)2Matsumoto (CF)
3Yamada (2B)3Miyazaki (2B)
4Hatakeyama (1B)4Tsutsugoh (LF)
5Yuhei (RF)5Lopez (1B)
6Ohbiki (SS)6Baldiris (3B)
7Dening (LF)7Shirasaki (SS)
8Nakamura (C)8Takajo (C)
9Ogawa (P)9Miura (P)

The Man. And a person in a suit.

The Man. And a person in a suit.

Tokyo did the bulk of their run scoring in the first and last innings of this one, the early scoring coming as somewhat of a pleasant surprise given they were facing their perpetual nemesis in Yokohama ace Daisuke Miura.

Top of the 1st: One out singles from Kawabata and Yamada put men on the corners for Hatake. The good lord then hit a chopper to short, with Shirasaki making the wrong choice by trying (and failing) to get the out of the speedy Yamada at second, the opening run scores from third, 1-0 Tokyo, with men now on first and second with still just the one red light on the board.

Yuhei then brought home another run with a single through the legs of Miura to centre, 2-0, with Hatake getting a touch over excited, over running second and getting tagged out trying to return safely for out number two. Ohbiki brought home another run with another timely single, 3-0, before a walk for Dening and final hit for the inning from Nakamura give the Swallows a comfortable early 4-0 lead.

Bottom of the 4th: After cruising through the first three frames, Ogawa’s lead was halved after allowing a Miyazaki double and Tsutsugoh homer to the right corner. 4-2.

Top of the 5th: Tokyo’s four run lead was restored after a Kawabata single and Yamada double, both to left, put two men in scoring positions for Hatake, who slashed one over the infield to right bringing home both men for 6-2.

Bottom of the 5th: With Miura now done for the evening, Ogawa once again fell foul of the home run, with Miura’s replacement Otosaka hitting one to right. 6-3.

With the game now a three run affair, Manaka turned this one over to the bullpen, opting for a Matsuoka => Ondrusek => Roman => Barnette plan to bring home the win. The first three of that quartet did their jobs well, putting up zeroes in each of the 6th, 7th, and 8th innings, the only hit in that span allowed by Matsuoka. The final member of that relay ultimately wouldn’t be needed because……holy fuck, hold on to your hats.

Top of the 9th:  Ex-Giant hack Hayashi on the mound for the BayStars:

(Yes, this one requires bullet points).

  • Nakamura doubles to centre. (OUTS: 0, HITS: 1, RUNS: 0, SCORE: 6-3)
  • Takeuchi sac bunts to move the runner to third. (OUTS: 1, HITS: 1, RUNS: 0, SCORE: 6-3)
  • Hayashi throws a wild pitch to the backstop, opening run of the inning scores. (OUTS: 1, HITS: 1, RUNS: 1, SCORE: 7-3)
  • Hiyane singles to right. (OUTS: 1, HITS: 2, RUNS: 1, SCORE: 7-3)
  • Kawabata hits a liner to right, men now on first and third. (OUTS: 1, HITS: 3, RUNS: 1, SCORE: 7-3)
  • Yamada blast his 20th homer of the season over the wall in right. (OUTS: 1, HITS: 4, RUNS: 4, SCORE: 10-3)
  • Miwa hits a triple to right. (OUTS: 1, HITS: 5, RUNS: 4, SCORE: 10-3)
  • Yuhei hits fierce grounder through the infield to right. (OUTS: 1, HITS: 6, RUNS: 5, SCORE: 11-3)
  • Ohbiki hits a double to left, two men now in scoring positions.
  • Hayashi is finally pulled, replaced by Fukuchi.
  • Tanaka steps up to pinch hit, hits a bounder up the middle, Fukuchi completely whiffs on the simple catch attempt, the ball escaped into the outfield, two more runs score on the single. (OUTS: 1, HITS: 8, RUNS: 7, SCORE: 13-3)
  • Nakamura walks, men on first and second.
  • Takeuchi hits a double to the wall in centre bringing home both runners. (OUTS: 1, HITS: 9, RUNS: 9, SCORE: 15-3)
  • Hiyane hits a liner to right for a single bringing home another. (OUTS: 1, HITS: 10, RUNS: 10, SCORE: 16-3)
  • Kawabata strikes out swinging. (OUTS: 2, HITS: 10, RUNS: 10, SCORE: 16-3)
  • Yamada doubles off the wall in left centre, Hiyane scampers home from first. (OUTS: 2, HITS: 11, RUNS: 11, SCORE: 17-3)
  • Miwa grounds out to short to end the inning. (OUTS: 3, HITS: 11, RUNS: 11, SCORE: 17-3)

With what was looking like a possible save situation for Barnette now converted into a butchering of BayStars in that wonderful half inning, Akiyoshi took the mound for a seven pitch 1-2-3 9th, and we had ourselves a glorious 17-3 Tokyo Final.

Game Notage

  • Ogawa’s final line: 5 IP / 89 NP / 4 H / 6 K / 2 BB / 3 ER. Not back to his best by any stretch, but he registered his first win since back on June 23rd.
  • Four Swallows – Hiyane, Kawabata, Yuhei, and Ohbiki, had three hit evenings.
  • Yamada went one better with four hits, including that CL leading 20th HR. He was a triple away from a cycle. He is the best position player currently at work in the NPB. Enjoy him; he’s the real deal.
  • Miura came into tonight’s game 3 for 3 in his starts against us in 2015, with an ERA of 0.90.
  • Ogawa boasted a similar record against his opposition in 2015, 2 for 2 with no earned runs given up coming into the game, now 3 for 3.
  • The CL is working through a veritable wardrobe of weird looks this year, tonight’s sees the Giants, Tigers, and Swallows all sitting one game below .500 at the top. 1.5 games separates the first 5 teams, with Chunichi, well fuck that team.
  • Tomorrow will see Ishikawa try to keep things rolling for the good guys, against the BayStars’ 22 year old rookie Ishida.
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