Jun 6th 2015, vs Chiba

June 6th, 2015

Chiba lotteChiba Lotte Marines 4

Tokyo Swallows 9

Streak: Won 1 Last 5: LWLLW

(Meiji Jingu Stadium)

After getting game 1 rained out the Swallows prevailed in a seesaw game thanks to the trio of Hatake, Dening, and Imanami.

W: Akiyoshi (4-0)
L: Ishikawa (4-4)

 Marines Swallows
1Ikuhiro Kiyota (CF)1Tetsuto Yamada (2B)
2Shogo Nakamura (LF)2Tsuyoshi Ueda (CF)
3Katsuya Kakunaka (RF)3Shingo Kawabata (3B)
4Toshiaki Imae (3B)4Yuhei (Takai) (CF)
5Luis Cruz (SS)5Kazuhiro Hatakeyama (1B)
6Keiyou Aomatsu (1B)6Mitch Dening (LF)
7Daichi Suzuki (SS)7Takahiro Imanami (SS)
8Yota Yoshida (C)8Yuhei Nakamura (C)
9Ayumu Ishikawa (P)9Masahiro Ishikawa (P)

The Hatake-Dening-Imanami trio kept delivering. After the Marines took the lead in the second off of a sac fly, 1-0 Marines, Hatake-Dening-Imanami tied it up with back-to-back singles followed by a double. 1-1 All Nakamura got the go-ahead run off of a sac fly. 2-1 Swallows

After the Marines tied the game in the fourth off of an Aomatsu solo homer, 2-2 All, the trio retook the lead after Hatake walked, advanced on a Dening bloop single and came home on an Imanami single. 3-2 Swallows

After the Marines took the lead in the fifth off of four consecutive hits, 4-3 Marines, the trio keyed a big inning when they started off the sixth. The trio got back-to-back-to-back singles for a run. 4-4 All Nakamura followed with single to score Dening. 5-4 Swallows Morioka came in to pinvh hit and got a sac fly for another run. 6-4 Swallows Then Yamada, Ueda, and Kawabata did their best Hatake-Dening-Imanami and got two runs off of back-to-back-toback singles. 8-4 Swallows

The trio came up to bat again in the seventh and Hatake got a solo shot to extend his home run streak to four games. 9-4 Swallows Dening flied out hard, and Imanami got a double that never scored. In total the trio went 10-for-11 with a walk and played a pivotal role in the Swallows win. 9-4 Swallows FINAL

The Hatake-Dening-Imanami trio kept delivering.

The Hatake-Dening-Imanami trio kept delivering.

Game Notes

  • Kawabata had a good offensive game going 3-for-5 with 2 RBIs. Kawabata and the trio accounted for 13 of the Swallows’ 16 total hits.
  • Our Ishikawa only pitched 4.1 innings giving up 4 runs and 10 hits.
  • Their Ishikawa pitched 5.1 innings giving up 7 runs and 10 hits.
  • Ogawa will make up for his rained out start against Omine at Jingu tomorrow. The game is scheduled to start at 13:00.
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