Tokyo Swallows Podcast 25 (March, 2015)

Dave, Chris, and Kozo cautiously give their CL and PL predictions for 2015.

Content Overview:

  • What will happen to Kozo's hat after the season?

    What will happen to Kozo’s hat after the season?

    Kozo makes a boldish declaration.

  • Team-by-team analysis of each CL team’s offseason.
  • More BFSNs including Valentine’s Day stuff.
  • A discussion on the Tokyo Series uniforms that were finally announced.
  • Kozo’s new Swallows’ cap is mentioned. See the cap in the Swallows’ store.
  • General Swallows 2015 roster and rotation review including salary info.
  • CL Predictions.
  • Tsubamegun’s highly sophisticated and scientifically significant PL predictions.
  • Introducing Tsubamegun’s newest writer.
  • Reading the nicest iTunes review ever.

As always, we thank you for listening!

You can compare our predictions with those of Jim Allen, John Gibson, Jason Coskrey, and Michael Westbay who got together to give their CL predictions on a recent episode of the Japan Baseball Weekly podcast.

Intro and outro bookends mixed by David Watkins.

About Kozo Ota

Kozo Ota is a third-generation Swallows fan that grew up on Montreal Expos baseball. (You can read more about that here.) When he's not at Jingu, he works as a freelance translator/interpreter to make enough money to go to Jingu. You can find random posts by Kozo on Google+ and Twitter.