Sept 6th 2014, vs Yomiuri

September 6th, 2014

FYGYomiuri Giants 5

Tokyo Swallows 2

Streak: Lost 1  Last 5: LWLWL

(Meiji Jingu Stadium)

If you’re a Swallows fan that didn’t catch tonight’s game, all you need to know is that Chono is a bad bad man and that he deserves to go to hell for inflicting pain into the hearts of innocent Swallows’ fans. But you knew that already.

W: Nishimura (3-4)
L: Ishiyama (3-6)
S: Mathieson (24)

 Giants Swallows
1Hisayoshi Ch*no (RF)1Tetsuto Yamada (2B)
2Itaru Hashimoto (CF)2Tsuyoshi Ueda (CF)
3Hayato Sakamoto (SS)3Shingo Kawabata (3B)
4Shinnosuke Abe (1B)4Kazuhiro Hatakeyama (1B)
5Yoshiyuki Kamei (LF)5Yuhei (Takai) (RF)
6Shuichi Murata (3B)6Yasushi Iihara (LF)
7Yasuyuki Kataoka (2B)7Yuhei Nakamura (C)
8Seiji Kobayashi (C)8Ryota Yachi (SS)
9Kan Otake (P)9Taichi Ishiyama (P)

After last night’s win against the Giants it looked like the Swallows were on the path to another win. Ishiyama kept the Giants in check and the Swallows’ offense managed to chase Giants’ starter Otake from the game after just 3.1 innings. Nevermind that the Swallows’ didn’t actually get any runs off of Otake directly, and that they only got one run off Katsuki who relieved him in the fourth. 1-0 Swallows Once the Swallows got an insurance run in the fifth off of a Hatake bloop single, all signs pointed to another Swallows win. 2-0 Swallows It didn’t matter that the Swallows left a bunch of runners on base, the feeling in the stadium was that Ishiyama was on his way to another Shichijo-esque win.

So when Ishiyama loaded the bases after getting two quick outs in the seventh, the worries weren’t at the forefront of Swallows’ fans minds. Even after Ishiyama lost a protracted pitching battle against Ibata for a run, hopes were still running high. 2-1 Swallows

But one pitch from Ishiyama and one swing by Chono changed all the positivity. As Chono’s liner headed into the left center stands, it was deja vu all over again. All the positivity from last night’s game disappeared and a lot of Swallows fans gave up hope. 5-2 Giants The sudden strengthening of the rain didn’t help. Coco came within 10 feet of tying the game with a monster foul, but ultimately he succumb to a strikeout. After that all hope was lost and the game played out with little excitement. 5-2 Giants FINAL

There's reason we censor his name in the lineups.

There’s reason we censor his name in the lineups.

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