Aug 27th 2014, @ Hiroshima

August 27th, 2014

Tokyo Swallows 1Hiroshima Carp logo clean

Hiroshima Carp 2

Streak: Lost 2   Last 5: LWWLL

(Mazda Zooooom Zoooooom Stadium)

W: Nakata (9-5 ; 2.55 ERA)
L: Matsuoka (2-2 ; 5.55)

Can someone craft a magical fast forward button and get us to the end of the season? I feel like I’m watching variations of the same shitty game of baseball on an endless loop. And I want out.

Yamada (2B)1Dobayashi (RF)
Morioka (SS)2Kikuchi (2B)
Kawabata (3B)3Maru (CF)
Balentien (LF)4Rosario (LF)
Yuhei (CF)5Eldred (1B)
Hatakeyama (1B)6Soyogi (3B)
Takeuchi (RF)7Tanaka (SS)
Aikawa (C)8Aizawa (C)
Narveson (P)9Fukui (P)

After last night’s shit show in the starting pitching department, tonight saw Chris Narveson put in his second excellent shift in as many starts, allowing just four scattered hits with nine strikeouts over his eight innings of work. Unfortunately for Chris, Carp starter Fukui was also dialled in, allowing just three hits in his seven innings, meaning CN wouldn’t factor in the final decision. Both pitchers were aided by some stellar defence, particularly in the outfield, with excellent catches from Rosario, Dobayashi, and Takeuchi springing to mind.

And so to the 10th inning we go, with Takeuchi singling with one out against Nagakawa. In came Hiyane as a pinch-runner, and he made it all the way to third on an Aikawa chopper to the pitcher. Up stepped Yuichi to poke one through the infield to right and the deadlock was finally broken. 1-0 Tokyo.

But any fleeting feelings of joy were soon tempered by the realisation that the 2014 Swallows have oh so often failed to bring home the bacon in situations just like this one, and tonight was no exception.

So in the bottom of the 10th, cue Tony Barnette, who allowed two singles (three in total for the inning) and a sac fly and it was as if Yuichi had never put us ahead in the first place, 1-1.

11th inning. Matsuoka allows a one-out walk and single to put two on. In comes Kyuko, who gets Tanaka to ground one to short for what should have been and inning ending double play, but Morioka allowed to ball to roll through his legs, and the bases were loaded with one out the error . In came Yamamoto, but he couldn’t stop Ishihara from hitting one up the third base line that Kawabata couldn’t handle, and it was a 2-1 Hiroshima Final.

Tomorrow will see Ishikawa take on Maeda as Tokyo look to avoid the sweep.

Swallows Train

Can someone please push the emergency stop switch on the Swallows train? I’d like to get off.

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