Aug 16th 2014, @ Chunichi

August 16th, 2014 

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(Nagoya Dome)

The Swallows will only go as far as our offense will them. Unfortunately, Daisuke Yamai completely owned the Swallows in the pitcher friendly Nagoya Dome this afternoon. All the while Nagisa Arakaki had yet another wild game in his second start for the Birds.

W: Yamai (9-2)
L: Arakaki (0-2)

 Swallows Dragons
1Tetsuto Yamada (2B)1Yohei Oshima (CF)
2Tsuyoshi Ueda (CF)2Masahiro Araki (2B)
3Shingo Kawabata (3B)3Hector Luna (3B)
4Wladimir Balentien (LF)4Ryosuke Hirata (RF)
5Yuhei (Takai) (RF)5Masahiko Morino (1B)
6Kazuhiro Hatakeyama (1B)6Anderson Hernández (SS)
7Ryosuke Morioka (SS)7Atsushi Fujii (LF)
8Yuhei Nakamura (C)8Motonobu Tanishige (C)
9Nagisa Arakaki (P)9Daisuke Yamai (P)

Things didn’t start well for Arakaki as he allowed a one out single to Araki in the first inning. Arakaki threw the first of many wild pitches to allow Araki to advance to second. Arakaki gave up a two out single to Hirata that would’ve scored Araki from second had it not been for an on the money throw by Ueda.

Arakaki wasn’t as lucky in the second as he allowed a one out walk to Hernandez. After getting Fujii to fly out for out number two, Arakaki uncorked yet another wild pitch that allowed Hernandez to take third base aided in part by a bad throw by Nakamura. Hernandez then came home on wild pitch #3 of the afternoon. 1-0 Dragons Arakaki proceeded to give up back-to-back hits to Tanishige and Yamai but the Swallows manged to get out of the inning without further damage.

Arakaki wasn’t as lucky in the third as back-to-back hits by Araki and Luna scored an extra run. 2-0 Dragons despite following up with a double play, Arakaki gave up back-to-back walks that scored on a Fujii double. 4-0 Dragons Arakaki proceeded to walk Tanishige and threw another wild pitch before finally getting Yamai to fly out.

Needless to say, Arakaki’s afternoon ended there. Arakaki managed to give up 7 hits and 3 walks in his three innings. His 4 wild pitches tied a CL record. Arakaki now shares the record with Orlando Roman and Yuhei (twice). Arakaki actually hold the PL single game wild pitch record with 5 wild pitches in a game.

Kiya came in the fourth and didn’t look much better than Arakaki. Yagi allowed an infield single to Oshima and a sac bunt to Araki. Oshima came home on a Luna triple. 5-0 Dragons Kiya walked Hirata and allowed a sac fly to Morino to round out the scoring. 6-0 Dragons

Nakazawa and Kyuko pitched the last three innings for the Swallows and kept the Dragons off the scoreboard.

Meanwhile Yamai was completely owning the Swallows mixing up his pitches and not allowing any solid contact. Yamai did allow back-to-back walks to start the third but nothing came of the opportunity. It took the Swallows 6.2 innings before getting a hit off of Yamai; a Yuhei single to left. The Swallows’ next hit came when Yamada lead off the ninth with a single but the game ultimately ended on a Kawabata GIDP. Yamai recorded a two-hit complete game shutout on 137 pitches. 6-0 Dragons FINAL

The Swallows will try again to win the series tomorrow afternoon by sending Ogawa to the mound.

Arakai ponders his fate while Hatake is no doubt thinking of dinner.

Arakai ponders his fate while Hatake is no doubt thinking of dinner.

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