Monday Bullets #15 (Post Trade Edition)

Monday Bullets is a feature in which Tsubamegun writers (mostly Kozo) gather random news, thoughts, images, movies, etc. during the week and publish them for off day consumption.

We’re gonna keep it a bit short today, as I expended a bit too much enrgy compiling the trade report on Tuesday.

    • The All Star game happened over the weekend and much hay was made of Otani hitting 162 km/h on the Koshien speed gun. The mark would tie Marc Kroon’s NPB record and it would be the fastest pitch recorded by a Japanese player. The fastest pitch by a Japanese player currently belongs to Yoshinori who allegedly threw a 161 km/h pitch against Yokohama at Jingu in 2010. I say allegedly because while the Jingu scoreboard flashed 161 km/h the television gun recorded the pitch as going 152 km/h. I was at the game and no one believed that Yoshinori suddenly added 5+ km/h to his fastball. Many people are arguing whether Otani’s record should count since it happened at an All Star game. While I believe these speed records are ultimately meaningless, I do believe Otani has a greater claim for having hit 162 km/h than Yoshinori’s claim that he hit 161 km/h in 2010. Either way I hope some Japanese player hits 162 km/h in a game just to erase Yoshinori’s name from the records. (The very fact that Yoshinori’s record stands is proof that this is total media-driven record.)
    • For further proof see this video (in Japanese) that painstakingly makes the case that Yoshinori didn’t hit 161 km/h.

  • Besides the trade there have been a few roster moves since the last edition of the Bullets. Ryota Yachi was called up in place of Keizo. Yagi was called up to make his start on Tuesday, and Kiya was promptly demoted on Wednesday after his performance in that game. The team also demoted Nishida and Tokuyama today to give the team plenty of room to call up people in the coming days. Expect guys like Ishikawa and Narveson to be recalled after their pre-All Star demotion. Ishikawa is eligible to return tomorrow and Narveson is eligible to return on Sunday.
  • In the last podcast I rhetorically asked WTF happened to our first round pick Sugiura? Well Sugiura made his first game appearance since March in a farm agme against the NPB Futures team. He started the game and pitched two innings of two-hit no-run ball.
  • A further update on our recent trade acquisitions. It seems that Arakaki will probably get a chance to start in the next go-around of our rotation, and Yamanaka is being considered as a bullpen guy for the time being.
  • Jim Allen wrote a piece on Yamada for Kyodo which appeared in Japan Times.
  • Even if the Swallows win the last 6 games of the month they will still finish with a 10-11 record. We do need the team to put in runs like that to get out of the cellar.
  • This week’s image is feature’s Tsubami’s hypnotic stare.


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