Jul 23rd 2014, vs Hiroshima

July 23rd, 2014

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Tokyo Swallows 2

Streak: Lost 2 Last 5: LLWLL

(Meiji Jingu Stadium)

The Swallows lose yet another game in which a quality start was wasted by a late inning bullpen meltdown. Taichi Ishiyama had his best start yet, but still couldn’t get his first win as a starter.

W: Ichioka (2-0)
L: Kyuko (1-2)
S: Nakazaki (1)

 Carp Swallows
1Shota Dobayashi (RF)1Tetsuto Yamada (2B)
2Ryosuke Kikuchi (2B)2Wataru Hiyane (CF)
3Yoshihiro Maru (CF)3Shingo Kawabata (3B)
4Brad Eldred (LF)4Wladimir Balentien (LF)
5Kila Ka'aihue (1B)5Yuhei (Takai) (RF)
6Kosuke Tanaka (SS)6Hiroyasu Tanaka (1B)
7Tsubasa Aizawa (C)7Yuhei Nakamura (C)
8Naoki Nakahigashi (RF)8Ryota Yachi (SS)
9Takaya Toda (P)9Taichi Ishiyama (P)

The Swallows struck drew first blood in the first inning. Yamada and Kawabata sandwiched singles around a Hiyane bunt to put men on the corners. Coco got his first RBI since June 1 (!) when he sent a fly ball deep enough to center for a sac fly. 1-0 Swallows

The lead was short-lived as Tanaka lead off the second with a home run. 1-1 All It would be the only extra base hit and run given up by Ishiyama all night.

The Swallows retook the lead in the sixth after Coco got his first home run since May 31 (!). Coco too a 2-0 pitch the other way and got it into the right field stands for a run. 2-1 Swallows

The Ishiyama pitched seven strong inning the last four of which he allowed only a single walk. The ball went to Akiyoshi for the eighth and the rookie kept the Carp off the board. So it was up to Barnette to hold the one run lead against the heart of the Carp order.

Maru was the first batter up against Barnette and he took 5 pitches which alternated ball and strike to the outside. Maru took the sixth pitch, also to the outside, the other way and just barely got it over the left field fence. 2-2 All

Think this reaction shot of Ishiyama in the bench says it all.

Sad Ishiyama is sad.

Sad Ishiyama is sad.

Mickolio pitched a perfect ninth for the Carp and the game went into extras just like last night. Emura held things down for the Swallows in the tenth. The Swallows threatened against Ichioka in the tenth despite going down two outs quickly. Kawabata and Ueda got back-to-back hits and after Ueda stole second the Carp elected to pitch away from Yuhei. The stage was set for Iihara to be the hero but he hit a liner straight to short to end the inning.

In the eleventh, Kyuko got two quick outs to start things off but things snowballed out of control just as quickly. Akamatsu got a quick single and Hirose drew a four pitch walk. Kyuko got ahead of Aizawa 0-2 but the catcher hit a slow grounder into right. With the runners moving on contact, the Carp decided to challenge Yuhei’s arm even though the outfielder was playing shallow. Yuhei’s throw to home was on the money and Nakamura had a good block on the plate, but Akamatsu slide was just hard enough to dislodge Nakamura’s foot and touch home before Nakamura could apply the tag. 3-2 Carp Kimura added another run with a liner that hit off of Kyuko’s glove that was good for an infield single even with the head slide into first. 4-2 Carp

That is all she wrote as the Swallows offense couldn’t get anything going in the bottom of the inning despite drawing a lead of walk. 4-2 Carp FINAL

The Swallows will have an off day tomorrow to think about life before they face the BayStars at home over the weekend.

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  • Poor Ishiyama. At least for all his bad luck, he’s proved himself a very able addition to the rotation, so far at least.