Jul 12th 2014, vs Yokohama

July 12th, 2014

Yokohama BayStars 7

Tokyo Swallows 1

Streak: Lost 4 Last 5: WLLLL

(Meiji Jingu Stadium)

Yokohama has outscored Tokyo 17-2 over the past two games. Bury your heads in the sand, Swallowers.

W: Moscoso (5-6; 3.57 ERA)
L: Ogawa (3-2; 3.77)

And even with it’s ace back on the mound after an extended spell on the DL, the team wasn’t able to keep things interesting on offense.

Kajitani (RF)1Tanaka (2B)
Yamasaki (SS)2Ueda (CF)
Gourriel (3B)3Morioka (SS)
Tsutsugoh (LF)4Yuhei (RF)
Gotoh (1B)5Kawabata (3B)
Ishikawa (2B)6Takeuchi (LF)
Kuwahara (CF)7Iwamura (1B)
Kurobane (C)8Nakamura (C)
Moscoso (P)9Ogawa (P)

Ogawa looked good in the first inning, but he gave up two runs in the second. Tsutsugoh scored on a Gotoh double, and the latter later crossed home plate on a Kuwahara single to left.

0-2 Yokohama

Gourriel hit his fifth homer of the season with one out in the third to add another run.

0-3 Yokohama

It's not Ogawa's fault. It's those silly green uniforms that fouled things up.

It’s not Ogawa’s fault. It’s those silly green uniforms that fouled things up.

Ogawa posted a second clean inning in the fourth, but the fifth was not awesome. Gourriel singled with one out, and then Tsutsugoh capitalized by hitting his 11th dinger of the season.

0-5 Yokohama

And that would be it for Ogawa in his return to the top team. He threw 107 pitches (!) over five innings while striking out four and walking two. He allowed five runs (all earned) off of five hits (two round-trippers) and his ERA wretched all the way up to 3.77 from 2.66.

Oshimoto allowed two more runs in his sixth appearance of the season. He allowed a lead off single to Kuwahara and then the third Yokohama home run one out later to none other than Moscoso himself. Yes, Moscoso is Yokohama’s starting pitcher.

0-7 Yokohama

Moscoso’s euphoria was penalized when Tanaka of all people homered to begin Tokyo’s half of the sixth inning, but not a whole lot happened after that.

1-7 Final

Morioka continues to amaze at the plate. He was 3-4 tonite and has a .408/.432/.531 slash line. He has a relatively small 130 plate appearances thus far, but I’d love to know what they’re putting in the water over there in Moriokaville.

Your Tokyo Swallows will attempt to salvage some pride tomorrow when game three kicks off at 6PM.

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