Monday Bullets #8 (The May Review Edition)

Monday Bullets is a feature in which Tsubamegun writers (mostly Kozo) gather random news, thoughts, images, movies, etc. during the week and publish them for off day consumption.

This week we look back at some of the big stats the Swallows posted in May.

  • The Swallows ended the month with a 13-11-1 record. The first time the Swallows have gotten a winning month since October 2012 when they went 4-3-0, the last full month the Swallows had a winning record was in September 2012 when they went 16-8-1. The closest the team got last year was when the team went 10-10-3 in September.
  • The Swallows’ success in May came mostly from their 10-6 record against the CL, more so than their 3-5-1 record against the PL. Unfortunately the Giants, Dragons, BayStars are actually having a good Interleague topping the IL standings while the Swallows are once again in dead last.
  • The Swallows had a team batting average of .309 for May, the last time a CL team posted a .300+ average in a full month of play was in August 2010 when the Swallows posted a .312 average. The Hawks posted a .309 average last June.
  • While the offensive stats for the Swallows were tops across the board, their pitching stats were at or near the bottom across the board. The Swallows scored 145 runs in May, 40 more than their closest competitor in the CL, and one run less than the BayStars and the Tigers COMBINED. The Swallows also allowed a league worst 117 runs in May. Part of the runs allowed may also be tied to the league worst 18 errors the team allowed last month.
  • The Swallows starters had a 4.03 ERA in May which was good for fifth in the CL, but the bullpen struggled with a 5.43 ERA. The BayStars had the worst starter ERA for May with 4.74 but the best reliever ERA with 2.64.
  • Balentien was not the Swallows’ monthly homerun king for May with his 7 blasts. Yuhei managed to top Balentien with 8 shots in May.
  • Speaking of Balentien homeruns, Coco is hitting homers at a much slower pace than last season. However, he is ahead of the calendar pace he set last season during his record-setting run. Coco didn’t record his 18th homerun until June 9 last season. Coco only played 39 games between March and May last year, this year he has played in 51 games.
  • Coco was taken out of Sunday’s game early apparently because he tweaked his left Achilles.
  • Through the first 53 games the Swallows have played this season, the Swallows have scored runs in the first inning in 25 of those games
  • No roster moves this week.
  • The Swallows’ new creepy mascot may be debuting this coming weekend. The team has announced that they will be distributing pin badges with the mascot’s face to all Fan Club Kids members on Saturday and Sunday.
  • This week’s photo features Balentien engaging in a sumo match with Aikawa.
Aikawa vs. Balentien Sumo Match

Aikawa vs. Balentien Sumo Match

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