Jun 3rd 2014, @ Orix

June 3rd, 2014

Tokyo Swallows 0Orix Bs

Orix Buffaloes 5

Streak: Lost 1  Last 5: DLWDL

(Kyocera Dome)

W: Matsuba (1-0)
L: Furuno (3-3; 4.66 ERA)

After escaping from one dome in Fukuoka undefeated, the Swallows were shut out by Orix in another, a defeat that further cements Tokyo’s position at the foot of the INTERJOYLEAGUE 2014 standings.

Yamada (2B)1Hirano (2B)
Ueda (CF)2Adachi (SS)
Kawabata (3B)3German (3B)
Balentien (LF)4Itoi (RF)
Hatakeyama (1B)5Sakaguchi (CF)
Yuhei (RF)6Pena (1B)
Araki (SS)7T-MF-Okada
Nakamura (C)8Itoh (C)
Furuno (P)9Matsuba (P)

Furuno started for the birds and gave up four runs over his four innings of work. An Itoi two run shot in the bottom of the 1st made it 2-0 Orix, and another two runs followed off two walks and a T-MF-Okada double in the 4th for 4-0.

Post-Furuno, Sanada and Akagawa pitched two innings each in relief, with the latter of the two giving up Orix’s final run off two hits in the 7th, 5-0.

Tokyo’s offence meanwhile struggled to get much of anything going all night. Buffaloes’ starter Mastuba had things pretty much under control for the first half of this one, until getting into a jam that would prove to be the Swallows last/only chance to get back into this one in the 6th. With two outs on the board, Coco (in the game despite his Achilles’ tendon issues) drew a walk, Hatake singled, and Yuhei drew another walk to load the bases for Araki. Matsuba was gone as Orix turned to the bullpen. Unfortunately Araki could only strike out swinging as reliever Satoh got out of the jam unscathed.

That would be pretty much that, as Satoh and two more Orix relievers pitched a perfect last three innings for a 5-0 Orix Final.

Game Notage

  • Pitching lines for this evening: Furuno: 4 IP / 77 P / 4 H / 2 K / 3 BB / 4 ER. Sanada: 2 IP / 34 P / 2 H / 1 K / 0 BB / 0 ER. Akagawa: 2 IP / 46 P / 3 H / 0 K / 2 BB / 1 WP / 1 ER.
  • Yamada, Coco, Hatake, and Yuhei were the only Swallows to manage hits this evening.
  • Let’s try and forget all about this one shall we?
  • Tomorrow will see Ishikawa take the mound for Tokyo, with Orix countering with Nishi.
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  • Kozo

    First time the Swallows got shutout this season.

  • Andy G

    Closely followed by the 2nd tomorrow if Nishi is pitching! He’s unbelievable this year. Hopefully not tomorrow though….!