Jun 20th 2014, vs Fukuoka

June 20th, 2014

Fukuoka Hawks 9

Tokyo Swallows 6

Streak: Lost 2   Last 5: LLWLL

(Meiji Jingu Stadium)

W: Morifuku (2-0)
L: Furuno (3-4; 5.14 ERA)

Do not let the final score of this one fool you. The Swallows fell behind big early, and spent the rest of the game playing catch up. And while they got pretty close in the end, it was never enough to make me not wish I had spent the four plus hours on a Friday evening doing something, anything, else.

Nakamura (LF)1Araki (LF)
Imamiya (SS)2Ueda (CF)
Yanagita (CF)3Yamada (2B)
Lee (DH)4Kawabata (3B)
Hasegawa (RF)5Yuhei (CF)
Matsuda (3B)6Morioka (SS)
Yoshimura (1B)7Iwamura (DH)
Honda (2B)8Nakamura (C)
Hosokawa (C)9Takeuchi (1B)

This one was effectively over after the 3rd, as starter Furuno (mainly) and Akagawa combined to give up seven runs off eight hits, four of them doubles, as everything the Hawks hit seemed to turn to gold for a 7-0 Fukuoka early scoreline.

Furuno departs in the 3rd, after failing to get a solitary out in the inning

Furuno departs in the 3rd, after failing to get a solitary out in the inning

After a Yamada timely single put Tokyo on the board in the bottom of the 3rd, a Yuhei solo shot to lead off the 4th made it 7-2.

However a double and a sacfly, followed up swiftly by a solo shot from Imamiya with Akagawa still on the mound stretched the lead back to seven at 9-2 in the top of the 5th.

The Swallows then made what would be their final push in the bottom of the 5th, with Ueda, Yamada, Kawabata, Yuhei, and Iwamura all registering hits to finally get to Standridge (who would be knocked out of the game and thus not involved in the final decision) and put up four runs to make it 9-6.

And that was pretty much that, with the only other things of note for the Swallows being the quality shift from the post-Akagawa bullpen corps. A seemingly rejuvenated Chris Carpenter pitched two innings of no-hit ball, Yamamoto allowed a solitary hit in his frame,with only Iwahashi getting into a pickle allowing three singles to load the bases, but eventually escaping unscathed in the 9th.

After their four run 5th, the Swallows bats didn’t create much of note against the Fukuoka ‘pen, and that was it for a 9-6 Fukuoka Final.

Game Notage

  • Furuno’s final line: 2.0 IP / 57 P / 9 H / 1 BB / 6 ER. Pretty, pretty, ugly.
  • The 3-4-5 spots in the Tokyo lineup accounted for 7 of the Swallows 12 hits for the evening (Yamada 3, Kawabata 2, Yuhei 2).
  • The fans seems to be really loving playing these other exotic and exciting teams, with just over 10,000 of them turning up for this one.
  • The ever more tedious death throes of INTERJOYLEAGUE 2014 continues tomorrow afternoon as the Buffaloes come to town for two games (games three and four of Tokyo’s six game homestand). Yagi will take the mound for your Swallows
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  • Kozo

    I forgot to mention this in last night’s report but the stadium was PACKED last night with 19,560 people in the stands. It was unusual given that it was a Thursday night. Apparently having only one game vs. the Hawks scheduled at Jingu brought out the fans. An unscheduled encore on a Friday night with reduced ticket prices? Not so much apparently.

  • Andy G

    Yeah, was a bit weird last night compared to Thursday. Felt like a pre-season game. They didn’t seem to have many staff working so it seemed like you could just sit wherever you liked. I was very honest and stayed in an outfield seat though! Standridge has been really solid lately, so to get to him so spectacularly was impressive. Just a shame about the Swallows’ pitching.