May 31st 2014, @ Fukuoka

May 31st, 2014

Tokyo Swallows 11

Fukuoka SoftBank Hawks 4

Streak: Won 1 Last 5: LWDLW

(Fukuoka Yafuoku! Dome)

The last time the Swallows visited Fukuoka, they continued a five-game skid by taking an 11-4 beating. This time, the Birds managed to invert that score.

W: Narveson (2-4); L: Nakata (5-3)

The only thing uglier than the Hawks’ uniforms (unquestionably the worst in NPB) was Kenichi Nakata’s 1 2/3 inning, ten-hit, three-walk, ten-run apparent suicide attempt, in which he faced the entire Tokyo line-up in each of the first two innings. Apparently, Nakata is working his way up to BP pitcher.

 Tokyo Fukuoka
1Yamada (2B)1Nakamura (LF)
2Ueda (CF)2Imamiya (SS)
3Kawabata (3B)3Yanagida (CF)
4Balentien (LF)4Lee (1B)
5Yuhei (CF)5Hasegawa (RF)
6Hatakeyama (1B)6Matsuda (3B)
7Morioka (SS)7Honda (2B)
8Aikawa (C)8Tsuruoka (C)
9Narveson (P)9Nakata (P)
RPIwahashi, IshiyamaRPNakata, Kayama, Senga, Yanase, Mori

There was more scoring in the first two innings of this game than there is on those DVDs behind the curtain at the back of Tsutaya. (Or so we’re told by naughty people out with whom we would not hang.)

Yamada led off with a strike-out, but Ueda and Kawabata both singled before being driven in by a Balentien home run.

Yuhei tripled and soon scored on a Hatakeyama double.

Aikawa was then walked, but Narveson grounded out. 4-0 Tokyo.

Narveson walked out to the mound and dispatched the hosts 1-2-3 with two Ks in there.

Top of the order for Tokyo. Yamada hit, Ueda grounded out, advancing Yamada. Kawabata hit an RBI double. Balentien walked. Yuhei singled to load the bases.

In the true mark of a poor pitching performance, Nakata then walked in a run before giving up an RBI double to Morioka.

Aikawa struck out, but Narveson and Yamada both hit RBI singles, at which point Akiyama finally put the badly wounded Nakata out of his misery, putting Kayama on the mound to stop the hemorrhaging. 10-0 Tokyo.

In the third, Tokyo added a stinger in the form of a Balentien solo HR – his second round-tripper of the game, you will recall. 11-0 Tokyo.

In the bottom of the third, a wild pitch by Narveson allowed Tsuruoka to make it home from third. 11-1 Tokyo.

Human cartoon character Lee Dae Ho hit a two-run homer in the fourth. 11-3 Tokyo.

In the bottom of the fifth, Narveson retired the side with three straight Ks.

The last run of the game came via a Lee RBI in the eighth. 11-4 Tokyo, Final.

Tokyo goes for the sweep tomorrow afternoon.

  • fisherk5000

    The beat part is (according to my sources), the Swallows tried to sign Nakata as a free agent last offseason, but he essentially said (I paraphrase here), “F those yogurt-drinking losers in Tokyo! I want to play for a winner!”

    I’m happy to see that he had such a powerful showing for his “winners” yesterday.
    Maybe he can use “YafuOku” to buy a new ego.

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