May 18th 2014, @ Chunichi

May 18th, 2014 

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Streak: Won 6  Last 5: WWWWW

(Nagoya Dome)

Tokyoites (and allies of Tokyoites), we can only assume some kind of Black Magick is afoot here. As long as it’s the badass occult kind and not some kind of Carlos Santana reference, that’s cool with us.

Six. Count ’em. Six wins on the trot. This one, like many wins of the past, came via monster middle inning on offense.Six-003

W: Matsuoka (1-0); L: Asakura (2-2); S: Roman (1-0-5)

 Tokyo Chunichi
1Yamada (2B)1Oshima (CF)
2Hiyane (CF)2Araki (2B)
3Kawabata (3B)3Luna (3B)
4Balentien (LF)4Hirata (RF)
5Yuhei (CF)5Morino (1B)
6Hatakeyama (1B)6Wada (LF)
7Araki (SS)7Donoue (SS)
8Nakamura (C)8Matsui (C)
9Matsuoka (P)9Asakura (P)
RPIshiyama, RomanRPSobue, Matayoshi, Iwata, Payan

Scoring Summary

The Dragons got on the board first, right from the get-go. Oshima singled, Araki pulled off a successful hit-and-run, and Luna grounded Oshima in. 1-0 Chunichi.

Tokyo struck back in the fifth. Araki and Nakamura hit, and Matsuoka bunted safely to fill the bases. Yamada then singled in a run. Following that, Hiyane was walked, which brought Araki home and kept the bases loaded. Kawabata then grounded out back to the mound, but Asakura fumbled the ball and all of the runners advanced. Balentien then singled, clearing the bases. 5-1 Tokyo.

In the sixth, Araki walked, Matsuoka sac-bunted him to second, and Yamada hit a two-run homer to right. 7-1 Tokyo.

Chunichi struck back in a small way in the bottom of the sixth. Oshima singled, Araki grounded him to second, and Luna drove him in. 7-2 Tokyo.

Oshima and Araki teamed up again in the eighth. Oshima singled and Araki doubled him in. 7-3 Tokyo.

Nomoto drove in Donoue in the ninth, but it was not enough. Victory for the Birds. 7-4 Tokyo, Final.

Interleague play begins with a trip to Chiba on Tuesday.

  • And the birds are now tied for fourth.

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