May 11th 2014, @ Yokohama

May 11th, 2014

Tokyo Swallows 2

Yokohama BayStars 3

Streak: Lost 4 Last 5: WLLLL

(Yokohama Stadium)

Happy Mother’s Day!

W: Nakata (1-3; 3.65 ERA)
L: Carpenter (0-2 3S; 5.94)

The Swallows gave you a present, Mom! More stranded base runners and a series sweep at the hands of the BayStars.

Yamada (2B)1Ishikawa (2B)
Hiyane (CF)2Yamazaki (SS)
Morioka (3B)3Kajitani (CF)
Balentien (LF)4Baldiris (3B)
Yuhei (RF)5Tsutsugo (LF)
Hatakeyama (1B)6Ide (1B)
Araki (SS)7Kinjo (RF)
Nakamura (C)8Nishimori (C)
Yagi (P)9Kagami (P)

Yagi started for the Swallows, and he pitched well. But it wasn’t enough. It never is for Yagi. He allowed one run through 6⅔ innings but didn’t factor in the decision.

With Kagami still on the mound, Tokyo scored the first run of the game in the top of the fourth. Kagami’s first offering, a heater, was in the dirt. But his second fastball was left over the plate, and Balentien launched it into center. Home run number 13 of the year.

Boom. Number 13.

Boom. Number 13.

1-0 Tokyo

Balentien would score again in the top of the sixth. He singled to start things off and then found home plate on Nakamura’s single to center two outs later.

2-0 Tokyo

But Tokyo’s offense was almost silent after that–just a walk (Yuhei) and a pinch-hit single (Yuichi) to show for the final four innings of the game.

Meanwhile, the home team chipped away at the Swallows’ lead.

Yamamoto allowed an inherited runner to score in the bottom of the seventh when he gave up a double with runners on first and second.

2-1 Tokyo

Akiyoshi saw the game leveled on his watch. Pitching the bottom of the eighth, he allowed an opening double and single to set things up for a Baldiris sac fly to left.


Carpenter pitched a perfect ninth, but things got very ugly, very quickly when he was called back out to keep Yokohama off the board in the 10th. After striking Ishikawa out on four pitches, he walked the next three batters on 15. Kyuko was brought in to deal with the bases loaded jam and got out number two on a liner to short. Roman was then called in to try and get the final out, but he fell behind quickly and had to start throwing strikes with the count at 3-0. He got a free called strike to bring the count to 3-1 before Ide took a swipe at something above the zone and had himself the game-winning single to show for his impatience.

Starting to look more like the Yagi of 2013.  And getting no run support like the Yagi of 2013, unfortunately.

Starting to look more like the Yagi of 2013. And getting no run support like the Yagi of 2013, unfortunately.

2-3 Final

Carpenter got tagged with the loss after facing seven batters (two Ks, three BBs). Preliminary reports suggest that he’s headed to the farm team after walking/beaning 16 in 17 appearances this season.

Yagi was unfortunate to miss out on getting his second win of the series, but other than Balentien’s two hits, one RBI, and two runs scored, Tokyo’s offense left much to be desired. After Balentien’s solo shot to start the Swallows’ fourth, the birds got at least one runner on base with no outs in the fourth, sixth, seventh, eighth, and ninth innings, but only managed one additional run the rest of the way (seven runners stranded). One sac bunt and one Tak bunt were attempted, but neither were successful.

Your birds have now dropped four straight to end a nine games in nine days marathon that has taken a toll on Hatakeyama. He was batting .364 nine days ago, but he finished today’s game batting .310. The opposite seems to have happened to Kawabata who was hitting .303 after the Yomiuri series a week and a half ago, and now he’s hitting a team-best .326.

But he’s injured, of course, so he didn’t play in all nine games.

Anyway, the birds finally have a day off tomorrow before being “hosted” by Yomiuri in Iwaki, Hitachinaka, and then finally the stain dome Tuesday through Thursday.

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