Apr 8th 2014, @ Chunichi

April 8th, 2014 

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Streak: Lost 2  Last 5: LWWLL

(Nagoya Dome)

W: Yamai (2-0; 1.39 ERA)
L: Narveson (0-1; 7.50 ERA)

Chris Narveson took the mound in Nagoya looking to add his name to the members list of what is increasingly looking like one of the most exclusive clubs in Japan: Effective Swallows Pitchers. Unfortunately, after six innings of work this evening, Yasuhiro Ogawa is still all on his lonesome in the ESP member’s club, sitting on his leather armchair in front of a beautifully painted Shohei Tateyama portrait, waiting for someone to share all those free yogurts with.

Yamada (2B)1Ohshima (CF)
Kawabata (3B)2Araki (2B)
Milledge (LF)3Luna (3B)
Balentien (RF)4Hirata (RF)
Yuhei (CF)5Morino (1B)
Hatakeyama (1B)6Wada (LF)
Aikawa (C)7One of the Donues (SS)
Morioka (SS)8Tanishige (C)
Narveson (P)9Yamai (P)

This man must wait to squirt yogurt on Ogawa

This man must wait to squirt yogurt on Ogawa

Narveson started well, with a swift triple-flyout 1st inning, but things got a bit sticky in the 2nd. A single and back-to-back walks loaded the bases with not an out in sight, and a run then followed on a sac-fly from one of the Donoues before pitcher (yes pitcher) Yamai snuck one up the middle to bring home a second for 2-0 Chunichi.

Then in the 3rd, a single and Luna home run combo made it 4-0, before a Wada double and one of the Donoues single combo added another for 5-0.

Tokyo’s bats then proceeded to try to get the team back in the game, but every time they seemed like they might make real headway into the deficit, they shot themselves in the foot each time with a double-play shotgun:

4th inning: three straight walks gift the Swallows a bases loaded no-outs present. Coco hits a sac-fly, 5-1. Milledge hits into an inning ending double play.

6th inning: a Kawabata single and Milledge walk put two on. Coco whiffs for out number one before Yuhei singles home a run,  5-2, leaving men on first and second for Hatakeyama. Fludge hits into an inning ending double play.

7th inning: one-out singles from Morioka and Yuichi (in for Narveson) puts two on for Yamada. And yeah, you know the rest by now.

All that was left was for another pitcher to make his Swallows debut, this time Hiroki Sanada. And despite a perfect 7th inning, he allowed a walk and two-run shot from old-man Wada in the 8th which wrapped up the shit-burrito for a 7-2 Chunichi Final.

Game Notage

  • Narveson’s final line: 6 IP / 111 P / 8 H / 1 K / 2 BB / 5 ER. So not the prettiest line. But only two of his six innings were truly shitty, so there is some hope for future starts. Trying to remain optimistic here folks.
  • I know it’s early days and all, but of all the pitchers who have thrown for Tokyo this season, only three have ERAs of 3 or less: Ogawa (1.29 in 16 innings), Furuno (3.00 / 6 innings), and Muranaka (0.00 / 2 innings). So of all the guys, it looks like Furuno is the most likely/worthy to be squirting yogurt over Ogawa in that ESP member’s lounge some time soon, and HOLY SHIT at that fact.
  • Only Morioka managed two hits this evening. Yamada, Milledge, Coco, and Aikawa were all hitless.
  • Tomorrow will see Akiyoshi make his second attempt at his first pro win (and more importantly, that ESP membership) as he gets the start for the Swallows.
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  • Kozo

    I will argue that Masato “Let’s Get Ready to Rhumble” Furuno earned AT LEAST provisional membership in ESP with his quality start (6 IP 3 ER) last Wednesday. He’s the only other starter to record a quality start so far this young season.

    • Well I did give him a mention.

      However he has to produce more than the once to gain admission as a penalty for his sins against music aka the aforementioned LGRTR.

      • Kozo

        I think he’s a member. Like I wrote in last week’s writeup he’s actually had a string of good starts. I like his chances in Nagoya Dome tomorrow.

        • My disdain of LGRTR runs deep, plus entry qualification criteria is solely dependant on 2014 performances, because, well, I MAKE THE RULES.

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