Apr 18th 2014, @ Hanshin

April 18th, 2014

Hanshin Tigers 4

Tokyo Swallows 2

Streak: Lost 3 Last 5: WWLLL

(Koshien Stadium)

The dismal Birds of last year had two bright spots: Coco and Ogawa. Things look to be much the same this year, but even Ogawa can’t win them all, especially not when the team around him is. . . shall we say, “Not working to potential”?

W: Nomi (3-1); L: Ogawa (3-1); S: Oh (1-0-3)

 Tokyo Hanshin
1Yamada (2B)1Uemoto (2B)
2Ueda (CF)2Yamato (CF)
3Kawabata (3B)3Toritani (SS)
4Balentien (LF)4Gomez (1B)
5Yuhei (RF)5Murton (LF)
6Hatakeyama (1B)6Arai (3B)
7Nakamura (C)7Fujii (C)
8Nishiura (SS)8Shunsuke (RF)
9Ogawa (P)9Nomi (P)
RPIshiyama, Kyuko, Carpenter, AkiyoshiRPAndo, Fukuhara, Oh

The Tigers jumped out to an early lead and Tokyo never caught up. Uemoto singled, reached second on a Yamato sac-bunt, then scored on a Toritani double. Toritani then scored when Nishiura bobbled a Gomez grounder. Murton and Gomez pulled of a hit and run, putting men on the corners for Fujii to give Nishiura another ball he couldn’t handle, allowing Gomez to make it home. Two Es for the visitors. 3-0 Hanshin.

Two Ks into the bottom of the second inning, Yamato singled and eas driven home by Toritani line drive. 4-0 Hanshin.

The Swallows got on the board in the fifth in the form of a Hatake homer. 4-1 Hanshin.

In the seventh, Hatake walked, Nakamura singled, then Nishiura engaged in penance for his pro-Tiger fielding by hitting an RBI single to right. Alas, it was too little, too late. 4-2 Hanshin, Final.

For our friends in Bryan, Ohio (they’re coming), Chris Carpenter redeemed himself – one hit, one walk, no runs against four Ks. We won’t send him back to make candy just yet.

  • Ogawa left this game in the 2nd inning after a the run-scoring Toritani hit made contact with his right hand. Looked like it hit the palm side so let’s hope it doesn’t turn out to be anything too serious.

    • Seems like he’ll miss a start at the very least.

      • Kozo

        Looks like he’ll miss more than a start. The news reports are saying 4 weeks until he can throw a ball, and 6 weeks for his bones to heal.