Mar 28th 2014, vs Yokohama

March 28th, 2014

Yokohama BayStars 1

Tokyo Swallows 9

Streak: Won 1       Last 5: W

(Meiji Jingu Stadium)

The 2014 campaign is off to a good start. Nice weather for a sizable crowd, no serious injuries, and a whopping start to a whopping win. Baseball season can be fun, Tokyo fans. Ogawa-kantoku even looked a little misty-eyed as he left the field after the game.

W: Ogawa (1-0), L: Mishima (0-1)

 Yokohama Tokyo
1Ishikawa (2B)1Yamada (2B)
2Yamazaki (SS)2Yuhei (CF)
3Kajitani (RF)3Balentien (RF)
4Blanco (1B)4Milledge (LF)
5Tsutsugo (LF)5Kawabata (3B)
6Baldiris (3B)6Hatakeyama (1B)
7Kinjoh (CF)7Aikawa (C)
8Kurobane (C)8Nishiura (SS)
9Mishima (P)9Ogawa (P)
RPMikami, Hayashi, Hirata, OsadaRPIshiyama, Yagi, Yamamoto

The Swallows came out swinging, but the blizzard of runs started with lead-off man Yamada getting plunked by a high inside fastball. Yuhei then ended an eight-pitch at-bat with a single. Balentien then started his season with a strike out. No worry, though: Milledge hit an RBI single and Kawabata walked to load the bases.

This brought up a leaner-looking Hatakeyama to clear the bases with a three-run double to dead center. An Aikawa single then put men on the corners, bringing up rookie Naomichi Nishiura. Poor kid got himself branded with a moment that will be remembered throughout his pro career, right in his first professional at-bat. We all know what the first scene in his retirement video montage will be:

The three-run home run he hit. Not only was it his first plate appearance, it was the first pitch he’d seen.

Ogawa and Yamada then struck out to end the inning. 7-0, Tokyo.

The BayStars tried to strike back. Blanco, Tsutsugo, Baldiris, and Kinjoh strung together four hits to garner a run before the Birds put three down to get out of the inning. 7-1, Tokyo.

 Kazuki Mishima came back out to the mound to dig himself out of his deep, deep hole in the second. Yuhei, single. Coco, K again. Milledge, single. Kawabata, RBI single. Fludge, fly out. Aikawa, RBI double. Nishiura, fly out. 9-1, Tokyo.

Ogawa left the game after six solid innings for a very high quality start. Ishiyama, Yagi, and Yamamoto each put in a top notch inning to end a lovely evening at Jingu. 9-1, Tokyo, Final.

More BayStars and, let us hope more butt-whooping, tomorrow.

  • Kozo

    YAY!!! Swallows not at the bottom of the league table for the first time in god knows how long.

  • Kozo

    Apparently the Opening Day first pitch first AB homerun debut is an NPB first.

  • Well, I would like to point out that Nishiura and Mishima were teammates at Hosei University for 3 years (Mishima was one year ahead of him), so he’s seen Mishima pitch a lot. Seeing that clip really felt weird because OMG Nishiura’s first pro hit was a homer but OMG why did it have to be off Mishima. I’m so proud of my Hosei boys either way. Mikami at least pitched admirably afterwards.

  • Dr. No

    The infield defense for the birds looked good last night.

  • Blaine Campbell

    Swallows = butt-whoopers !!