Tokyo Swallows Podcast 16 (August, 2013)

This month’s podcast has a fair bit of sunshine in it, especially when compared with the dire nature of last month’s.

Things are a little better than last month, but don't get too excited just yet.

Things are a little better than last month, but don’t get too excited just yet.

Topics include:

  • All-Star weekend
  • Tokyo’s two massive rays of light
  • Lastings Milledge likely out for rest of regular season
  • A very young lineup and bullpen
  • Crappy pitching mounds in Japan
  • Noise pollution at Jingu Stadium
  • Predictions for how the team will finish the season

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As always, intro/outro mix by David Watkins.

About Christopher Pellegrini

Christopher is a budding sabermetrician and long-time supporter of Tokyo's more lovable team, the Swallows. He has publicly volunteered, several times, that he plans to buy the team at some point in the future. When he finally runs the joint, it is likely that he will fine any player who swings at the first pitch or sac bunts (unless it's a pitcher, of course). Follow him on Twitter: @chrispellegrini

  • Ryo Uchida

    The podcast was fun to listen to as usual. As sick as I am of this season, I am also excited to see the young Swallows getting more time. I would like to hear what you guys think of Ogawa-kantoku. I still think he is one of the better managers of the C-League, but I was really getting sick of him playing favorites, especially Fatakeyama. Iihara, Takeuchi (whom I am still partial too), Matsu-Ken and friggin Yuichi as well. Thank god, he hasn’t called up Noguchi this year…He seems lenient towards these mediocre guys, but tough as nails on gaikokujin and youngsters (Araki should have been given more of a chance).

    • Ryo!

      Thanks for the comments. Good points all round, and we’ll dedicate a portion to Ogawa the Elder in next month’s show. (120% agree with you on Araki, forgot about how sudden and harsh his demotion was)

      • Kozo

        I’d love to discuss Ogawa on the show since it’s kind of hard to evaluate his performance as manager. In terms of tactics, he’s probably identical to Takada, except he seems to have the players’ confidence. It’s hard to evaluate those more intangible qualities given that lack of hyper-open press like in the states.

        In terms of player movements, I don’t know how much direct control Ogawa exerts, but the Araki/Hatakeyama swap has arguably worked. Araki filled in for a hard-slumping Hatake, and once Araki started to slump, Hatake stepped in and has put up above average numbers (.819 OPS for July-August) since his return. Better for Araki to play everyday than to toil on the ichi-gun bench. I think the real question is how Araki feels about the whole situation and whether he views the demotion as being harsh/unfair.

  • Sage

    Thanks for the shout-out! I listen to every minute of your podcast. You guys are awesome!