Shinya Miyamoto to Retire

As mentioned in yesterday’s game writeup, Shinya Miyamoto announced his intention to retire after this season. Miyamoto answered questions at a press conference held at the team’s offices this afternoon. A transcript of the press conference has been released by the team and video of the event will eventually be posted on the team’s YouTube channel. I’ll provide a short summary of some of the points touched on by Miyamoto at today’s conference.

Miyamoto formally informs the press of his retirement.

Miyamoto formally informs the press of his retirement.

Miyamoto had seriously considered retiring after last season, but was convinced to stay for at least one more year by Ogawa and the Swallows’ president. This year, as his starts became fewer around Interleague, and he didn’t get a chance to take the field on defense as a regular, he started to feel that it was time to move on. He formally informed Ogawa of his intention to retire during the All Star break, and he told the team president during the Swallows’ trip to Akita earlier this month.

When asked if he had any regrets, Miyamoto answered that while he would like to experience winning a championship again he had no regrets as an individual player. Hen mentioned that the three championships that he was able to win as a Swallow stood out more than any individual play he made as a player.

Miyamoto expressed pride in his ability to do his job as a professional giving it his all for 19 years. He thanked Katsuya Nomura, his manager for the first four years of his career, for teaching him many things. Nomura’s words telling him to become a “top class support player,” were words Miyamoto strove to achieve throughout his career.

When asked about the current state of the Swallows, Miyamoto was frank and said he felt that the current infielders like Kawabata, Yamada, Kawashima, and Morioka still lacked something and that he hope they would all at least become better players than himself. Miyamoto indicated that he couldn’t name a player that he could see carrying the team and that the road ahead may not be bright. However, he expressed hope that anyone could become a leader if they tried hard and he hoped that the players would not give up that opportunity and compete amongst each other to carry the team forward.

We here at Tsubamegun wish Miyamoto all the best and we’ll be cheering for him during his final stretch as a player.

Also, we’d love to hear your favorite Miyamoto memories in the comments!

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  • MooreyTokyo

    Hi all, I’ve not been commenting much this season, but still read the site, especially when something as big as this happens!

    Thanks for this little wrote up Kozo, sad to see the old fella retire but I’ll proudly continue wearing “Miyamoto” on the back of my swallows shirt for another few years I’m sure.

    Favourite Miyamoto memories…. Seeing his 2000th hit in the rain at Jingu has to be a lasting memory for many of us I’m sure, felt good to be able to witness that. But more generally, I just love the way he celebrates on the bench! Whether he is in the team or not, and despite his “advancing” years, he always seemed to just love the game (and love the team) and that always showed in his energetic, fist pumping, big grinning, kung-fu kicking celebrations. Great to see.

    If you could keep us posted on any “official retirement ceremony”, which game and when, I’d really appreciate that.


    • Kozo

      The official retirement game has been announced for the Oct 4 game against the Tigers.

  • Ramon Antonio Aviles

    Hello! thanks for the article.

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