Aug 24th 2013, @ Hiroshima

August 24th, 2013

Tokyo Swallows 2 Hiroshima Carp logo clean

Hiroshima Carp 9 

Streak: Lost 2    Last 5: LWWLL

(Mazda Zoom Zoom Stadium Hiroshima)


W: Bullington (7-9); L: Ogawa (12-4)

The power of the pseudo-stonewashed uniforms continued to propel Hiroshima.

 Tokyo Hiroshima
1Hiyane (RF)1Maru (CF)
2Ueda (CF)2Kikuchi (2B)
3Kawabata (3B)3Matsuyama (RF)
4Balentien (LF)4Kila (1B)
5Yuichi (1B)5Soyogi (SS)
6Morioka (SS)6Hirose (LF)
7Yamada (2B)7Ishihara (C)
8Nakamura (C)8Kimura (3B)
9Ogawa (P)9Bullington (P)
RPOshimoto, Fujita, KyukoRPNagakawa, Socolovich, Imamura

Things started off brightly, with the Swallows scoring first – often a good sign. Hiyane singled, Ueda sac-bunted him to second because. . . well, because this is Japan, and Kawabata singled, putting men on the corners for Yuichi, who hit an RBI single to center. 1-0 Tokyo.

Ogawa got off to an even rougher start than Bullington, though. He walked Maru and gave up a double to Kikuchi, after which Matsuyama hit a short grounder to second, driving Maru in. Kila then sent a low slider to the home ouendan for two more runs. 3-1 Hiroshima.

Two outs into the bottom of the third, Kila led another Carp spree, when he hit a big broken-bat single to left. Soyogi followed that with a single, Hirose with an RBI double, and Ishihara with a walk to load the bases for Kimura, who drove in two more runs with a double. 6-1 Hiroshima.

Six runs on ten hits and two walks over three innings (despite a 1-2-3 second) was enough for Ogawa. Oshimoto took over in the fourth and gave up a run himself: Kikuchi, Kila, and Soyogi singles did the trick. 7-1 Hiroshima.

Tokyo’s second and final run came in the top of the fifth, when Ueda singled, Kawabata walked, then got nabbed at second on a Balentien single, and Yuichi drove Ueda home with a single. 7-2 Hiroshima.

The Carp wrapped it up with two more runs in the seventh. Fujita, pitching for the Birds, walked Ishihara and gave up a HR to Iwamoto. 9-2 Hiroshima, Final.

The Carp’s uniforms just rubbed it all in. Perhaps it’s like naming your son Sue.

The chance to preserve much dignity has passed, but tomorrow offers a chance to be only mostly debased, as opposed to thoroughly humiliated. Fun stuff.